Does Enlisted have crossplay?

Link up with your squad.

Image via Darkflow Software

Enlisted is a multiplayer first-person shooter where you and a small squad will be working together to take down the opposing enemy. You’ll be facing a similarly sized enemy force in various campaigns from the historic battles throughout World War II. Because Enlisted is a new first-person shooter, will you be able to play the game with your friends across multiple platforms? Enlisted is available on the PC, Xbox Series X, and the PlayStation 5.

Enlisted will have crossplay. It won’t matter if your friends are playing on a PlayStation or Xbox console. Everyone will be able to play and interact with each other. The same goes for PC, but you need to make sure to select that you can play against PC players in crossplay when you’re on consoles. Normally, crossplay would only mean between PlayStation and Xbox players.

The crossplay functionality makes it easier for players to play the game with their friends and make the most of the squad-based multiplayer format. You’ll be able to customize your squads to optimize their use in battle. When looking for a player to join your group, you need to use the nickname they use when playing Enlisted. It’s a bit easier when you’re on the same console, so try to stick to using your friend’s nickname if you’re not on similar platforms.