Does Fallout 76 have NPCs?

Someone to talk to.

Fallout 76

A lot can change in a day, especially in a game. When Fallout 76 first launched, it sorely lacked in NPCs. The game was stacked with assorted robots, who you could interact with, but there wasn’t another person in sight. If you saw a human shape, you knew it was another player.

The Wastelanders DLC has changed all that, bringing NPCs back to the game, and turning it into something much closer to what fans of the series first expected when the game launched.

The game world has now changed somewhat, with NPC characters returning to the area, setting up homes and businesses, and generally trying to scratch out a living in the unforgiving wilds. This means new quests, plenty of dialogue, and all the good things that you hope to find when you play a Fallout game.

Shortly after release, Bethesda realized that excluding human NPCs from the game had been a mistake, and they started the work to bring them back, just as fans wanted.

On top of that, you have a newly revamped main questline that will introduce you to plenty of NPCs along the way. They have all kinds of interesting motivations and personalities, with some accepting their harsh lives while others seem to hold to hope that one day things will be as they were before the bombs fell.

The return of NPCs has also brought back much of the charm, something that Fallout 76 was lacking for a lot of players. Even better, the dialogue system that has been added to the game is akin to Fallout 3, and you won’t be able to kill characters that other players need to interact with because the NPCs will exist in instanced areas. If you kill one, it is dead for you, but not for anyone else.

NPCs also mean factions, and you will be able to align yourself with different groups as you see fit, adding plenty of choice to the things you do, and why you do them.