Does Far Cry 6 have a map editor or Arcade Mode?

Is a series staple returning for Far Cry 6?

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Far Cry 6 is a game packed with so much content that it’s almost bursting at the seams. Yara is a huge place to explore, with plenty of side quests to do and secrets to uncover. Far Cry games are known for their size and 6 somehow manages to amp it up. But is there even more content awaiting players at the hands of other fans in the community, and will you be able to make your own maps to share?

The map editor and Arace Mode have helped custom content become one of Far Cry’s most defining features. It’s been in in every mainline game since Far Cry 2 first released in 2008; players have been enjoying custom content for 13 years. Some of the most creative maps have recreated locations from games like The Last of Us and GoldenEye 007, while others have trapped players in a Saw-inspired escape room and the planet Hoth from Star Wars. It was a mode that felt truly limitless and offered an endless supply of new experiences.

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Unfortunately, Far Cry 6 doesn’t include a map editor or Arcade Mode. In June, the developers took to Reddit in an AMA and confirmed that the mode was removed for the latest installment of the Far Cry series. They explained that while removing it wasn’t an easy choice, doing so allowed the team to focus on the game’s main campaign to help give players a more immersive experience of the setting.