Does Gotham Knights have local co-op?

Don’t invite your buddies over just yet.

Gotham Knights Batgirl

Image via WB Interactive Entertainment

Gotham Knights is an apparent spiritual successor to Rocksteady’s critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series of games, and it has a lot in common with its predecessors. The game casts you as a member of the Batfamily tasked with patrolling the streets of Gotham to take down criminals, while also working to stop a large-scale conspiracy in the wake of the death of Bruce Wayne/Batman. However, the game differs in one key way; it features a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to two players.

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Unfortunately, if you’re looking to partner up with a buddy on the couch, you’re out of luck. To play co-op, both you and your friend will each need your own console, as well as a copy of the game, as WB Games has confirmed that Gotham Knights will not support local co-op multiplayer. In a Q&A on the game’s website, WB stated that the two-player co-op mode can only be played online.

As such, if playing on Xbox or PlayStation, you’ll also need to be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, respectively, if you would like to play online with others. Additionally, the game will not support crossplay, nor is the developer currently planning to add crossplay support.

According to the publisher, the full game will be playable in co-op, and players will also be able to swap between the game’s four characters — Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood — at will by returning to the Belfry clocktower. Each character can also be outfitted with a variety of gear to boost their effectiveness in battle.

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Despite the game’s initial 2020 announcement stating that it would arrive on both PS4 and Xbox One in addition to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, it was announced in May that the PS4 and Xbox One versions had been canceled. According to WB, the prior-gen versions of the game were scrapped in order to “provide players with the best possible gameplay experience.”