Does Overwatch 2 have aim assist?

The feature to make your life easier.

Image via Blizzard

Overwatch 2 suffered from numerous issues when it first launched, including long queue times, disconnections from servers, high latency, and more. While it has its problems, it also has significant new features. A key query of players might be whether Overwatch 2 has an aim assist feature. Almost all games have this feature present.

Aim assist helps in taking out targets much easier by precisely adjusting the aim. PC players can properly pinpoint their aiming without aim assist as they have a mouse and keyboard. But, console and controller players need this feature to even compete against the advantageous PC players. Games like Warzone, Halo Infinite, and Apex Legends, all have aim assist feature present. So, this begs the question: does Overwatch 2 have aim assist?

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Is aim assist feature present in Overwatch 2?

Fortunately for console players, Overwatch 2 does make use of aim assist. It will be present in both PvP and PvE matches. That means players can take out targets much more easily with the help of aim assist. But, this feature is only available for console players i.e. PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch users. PC players will have to do with the old mouse and keyboard.

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Is aim assist in Overwatch 2 crossplay matches?

There is a certain twist with this feature: aim assist will only be enabled in Overwatch 2 when playing with others on the same platform or against players of a different console platform. For example, for PlayStation players, aim assist would be enabled only against other PlayStation and Xbox players. If players want to enable crossplay and play against PC players, then the aim assist feature will be disabled. As such, console players would be at a severe disadvantage against PC players without aim assist.