Does Resident Evil Resistance have cross-play?

Can you expect to experience cross play with friends in Resistance?

Image via Capcom

Resident Evil Resistance pits four survivors against a single mastermind controlling a diverse cast of zombies and traps, attempting to prevent them from escaping. The four-player survivor team has to work together to try and make it to the end, all of their efforts controlled by a distinct timer. But for those who are playing it on PC, can you play it with those on a console, or vice-versa?

Right now, we’re not too sure. Developer Capcom has not spoken about the multiplayer game having cross-play. We don’t know too much about the game’s multiplayer capabilities, but a cross-play mechanic would undoubtedly make it easier for players to find compatible matches. Does a player using a keyboard and mouse give them a distinct advantage? Not by too much. It’s likely encouraged for players to use a controller while on a PC, but not enforced.

Capcom does have experience with cross-play, though. They made it available on Street Fighter V, so they’re no stranger to making sure players have access to playing their games on multiple fronts. Potentially, we could see console players having the ability to play with one another from a PlayStation 4 to an Xbox One, but the PC might be too far of a stretch. Resistance released as an open beta for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on March 31, with the game fully releasing on April 3 alongside Resident Evil 3. Given how short the distance is between the open beta and the official release, it’s unlikely we’ll see it until post-launch.

Resistance features six different survivors for you to choose from, and four different Masterminds to play as in the game. You have to pick and choose your options, optimizing with your team to ensure the four of you make it to the end. Unless you’re the Mastermind, then you want to cause as mayhem as possible for everyone in the game.