Cyberpunk 2077: How to Complete Dream On Side Job & Should You Tell Jeff the Truth?

The Dream On side job in Cyberpunk 2077 has going through an investigation with Jeff, and then you choose to tell him the truth, or not.

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After helping Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralezes with investigating the true cause of Mayor Rhyne’s death in the I Fought the Law side job, Jefferson will reach out to you a bit later in Cyberpunk 2077. You’ll be summoned to return to their penthouse at their apartments and see what they need help with next. It is required that you’ve completed I Fought the Law to reach this point.

When you arrive, Elizabeth and Jefferson will explain that they had a break-in a few nights ago. Shortly after Jefferson potentially shot the intruder, he fell to the ground and passed out, with no signs of an intruder when he awoke. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Dream On side job in Cyberpunk 2077 and if you should tell Jeff the truth or not.

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How to Complete The Dream On Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

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They’d prefer not to have any NCPD officers on the case, so they asked you to help them out with this quest. You’ll have multiple choices to ask about the night, but none of the options do anything unique in your Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough. It’s a way to break down what happened that night, so go through all of the dialogue options, mostly for the flavor text.

Eventually, they’re going to give you a chance to look around the apartment. Your character has the opportunity to invite Elizabeth to go with you, but you can also choose to go by yourself. Regardless of your decision, she’s going to follow you around, so you might as well volunteer her to follow your Cyberpunk 2077 character during this important investigation.

Examine the apartment in Dream On

When you’re ready, you’ll have to use your scanner to go through several locations in the penthouse thoroughly.

  • SSI security computer – Messages, where you learn the SSI were aware of the break-in
  • SSI main computer – If you have 10 points in technical ability, you can jack in. If not, you need a password, which is 6709
  • Bullet holes inside the wall (upstairs)
  • Blood stains on the floor (upstairs); follow the blood trail to find the intruder used a first aid kit in the house
  • Broken smart glass (upstairs), if you have at least 11 technical points, you can fix the one Elizabeth is sitting next to after finding the strange computer
  • Examine the strange computer (after following the blood trail)
  • Transceiver (on the roof, after scanning the strange computer)
  • Transmitter (look to the left of the transceiver, and then zoom in. It’ll be yellow in the distance).

After you’ve discovered all of these, return to Elizabeth and speak to her about your findings. When you explain what happened, you share you’ll be going after the van next to the transmitter. You promise to call Jefferson. However, Elizabeth insists on calling her instead should you find anything during this Cyberpunk 2077 mission.

How to Chase The Van in Dream On

When you arrive at the location, you’ll need to examine the van, and when you attempt to approach, it drives off. You need to hop on your vehicle and follow it throughout Night City. You can lose this vehicle, and if you do, you’ll have to call Elizabeth to explain you’ve lost it. But if you keep up with the vehicle, it’ll lead you to a location covered in guards and security cameras. During my playthrough, I did not lose the vehicle. If you did, we recommend reverting to an earlier autosave, with the most recent one happening when you discover the transmitter tower.

It’s better to keep up with the vehicle the entire time, which can be a challenge in Cyberpunk 2077. Keep as close to it as possible, and have a saved backup on your console while playing.

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Your goal now is to reach the van and use its access port. The best route is on the left side, and because there are multiple security cameras here, try to breach the nearest one and shut them down. If you do not have the correct perks, you’ll have to do it manually for each one in the area.

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By sticking to the left, go inside the building and up the stairs to where one of the guards is located. You can take them out, and then there’s one guard in the far back, close to the van; you can distract and take out without alerting the others. You should have a clear path to the van after.

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When you jack into the van, you learn that the owners of the van had been altering Elizabeth and Jefferson’s minds, changing their memories. You call Elizabeth and agree to meet her in a ramen shop in Japantown.

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When you arrive, you and Elizabeth discuss what’s been happening to her for the past few weeks. She had seen things, forgetting things, and both she and Jefferson had been changing. She then reveals she had been threatened by the one who was pulling all the strings and begs you not to tell Jeff about it, which is a critical decision you have to make in Cyberpunk 2077.

You agree, and Elizabeth leaves. You and Johnny have a quick talk, and the next step is to go and meet Jefferson. Before you arrive, you’ll receive a call from an unknown number, causing your screen to blackout, and then it returns to normal.

Should you tell Jeff in Dream On?

When you and Jeff sit down to talk, he confirms Elizabeth filled him in on the situation, that Holt had used SSI to spy on him. You can choose to let him know about the brainwashing or support Elizabeth’s assertion that it’s Holt. These are your choices.

  • It’s not Holt. You’re being brainwashed.
  • I do not have anything more to add.

What Happens When You Tell Jefferson He’s Brainwashed in Dream On?

If you tell Jeff the truth, you will share that he’s being brainwashed. You’ll go through another slew of options, which we’ll break down here. You can share two more points after you tell Jeff he’s being brainwashed.

  • They’re in your heads, pierced your brains.
  • You’re a virtuous politician. Doesn’t that make you wonder?

While both of these have slightly different dialogue routes, they reach the same conclusion of telling Jeff that SSI is working for someone unknown. Then you reach these choices. The final choice is more of a flavor dialogue to add more details, while the first two are primary choices for your Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough.

  • Someone’s conditioned you, remotely.
  • They want you as their mayor.
  • Know anything about the concealed room in your apartment?

Regardless of the two you pick, they lead you through the same series of conversational trees. The next two choices come up regarding Jeff’s intruder.

  • You never will.
  • No idea how to go about doing that.

Again, each route takes you down the same route. Jeff will want to take the fight to the one behind the scenes, and you’ll have these choices.

  • Don’t count on it – they’re too powerful.
  • Could show themselves, inadvertently, if you’re patient.
  • I’d try facing up to ’em too.

The three choices have different dialogue choices—the first details how Jeff plans to be smart about fighting. The second choice has Jeff reciting a Sun Tzu quote, the author of The Art of War. The final choice has him brag about being a winner and how the ones behind it made him like this, and plans to use it to his advantage. They lead to the same decision of Jeff wanting to tell Elizabeth, and you reveal she already knows. The end of the dialogue has Jeff storming off, with Johnny sharing the details about the cyberspace potentially having a rogue AI, and the gig is complete.

What Happens When You Don’t Tell Jeff the Truth in Dream On?

When you decide to support Elizabeth’s decision not to tell Jeff about being brainwashed, he can’t believe you didn’t find anything. Here are your choices.

  • SSI was taking money from Holt.
  • If only corpses could talk.
  • Nope. Don’t know anything more.

The three choices take you down the same route, and the situation dissolves into the same choice of Jeff wanting to find out who had been spying on him from SSI. However, he doesn’t know that someone has been brainwashing him, and that’s the critical difference between the two. Regardless, Jeff walks off and wants to fight back against them in Cyberpunk 2077.

What’s The Best Choice for Jeff in Dream On?

Johnny comments at the end of both situations. If you tell Jeff he’s being brainwashed, Johnny comments how he likes the guy and calls him “My man,” before the end. If you don’t tell Jeff he’s brainwashed, Johnny says he’s in trouble.

As for the best choice, it’ll vary on how you think Jeff will handle the news in Cyberpunk 2077. Both choices conclude with Jeff storming off, wanting to fight. We won’t know the results of choice until the next gig involving this plotline.

I felt it best to tell Jeff the truth about everything for my playthrough. He needed to hear what was actually happening to him and give him the best chance possible to proceed forward, especially if he was planning to take on the group that had him brainwashed. Jeff will fight against the SSI regardless, so giving him as much information as possible is the best outcome.