Should you take a Short Rest in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance?

Will you take a chance?

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance incorporates many elements from the typical tabletop game into its fantasy world and tries to make sense on a video game level. For example, many of the beasts and locations you come across in the game are callbacks to D&D enemies and spots in the past. A feature often used in Dungeons & Dragons to prepare a party for a future fight is a Short Rest. This is a good way to heal up your party quickly and prepare for the trek ahead in the tabletop game. While Short Rests are available in Dark Alliance, they are a bit different. This guide should help you decide if you should take a Short Rest or not in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance.

A Short Rest becomes available to the party once an area has been completely cleared of all enemies. When done, a ghostly campfire will appear and give you the option to either take a Short Rest or Increase Loot Rarity.

Essentially, you can skip taking a rest for a chance at better loot to drop as you progress through the level. The effect will stack depending on how many Short Rests you skip. However, taking a Short Rest will not only heal you and replenish your stamina, but it will provide you a checkpoint in case your party falls and will also refill your consumable items. Taking the Short Rest will remove any past loot bonuses you have gained to this point, and enemies will respawn.

If you are playing on lower difficulties,  we recommend always skipping the Short Rest for the chance at better loot. If you are unlikely to die going ahead, it just makes sense to get better rewards.

However, if you are playing on tougher difficulties and find your resources getting low, you may want to talk the option over with your friends. If you die without a checkpoint, you lose any progress and loot you found up to that checkpoint. If you have taken no Short Rests in the level and die, you will need to start the entire act all over again with none of the rewards you had earned previously.