Ejamar’s Last Laugh quest guide – Disciples: Liberation

Ejamar needs power to open gateways across the land.


Image via Frima Studio

After following the main questline in Grayleaf, your entire party will be killed and you will wake up in the Hall of Souls. You escape with the help of some unlikely allies and Ejamar, your new warlock companion. After popping out of a portal to find Orion clinging to your body, Ejamar states that he will be able to use more portals in the future. First, you need to find his wife.

In the room you come back to life in are two portals. Interact with the seemingly inactive one on the right and you will be teleported back into the Hall of Souls. It may look similar to where you just were, but it has new enemies and loot to find.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take the path to the left of the portal to find Je’Annar. This NPC isn’t too happy to see Ejamar and immediately challenges you to a fight. Now you will have to fight 10 enemies on the frontline. It may be difficult, but taking down Je’Annar fast will end the fight quickly. After the fight, Ejamar will rejoice.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After Ejamar consumes Je’Annar’s heart, the quest will be completed and you will unlock Ejamar’s world skill, Open Gateway. This ability allows Ejamar to open the various gateways that are scattered about the locations of the world. This ability is also useful when completing certain quests like Bone Appetit and Bookworms.