Eliminate Caiatl’s Cabal Triumph guide – Proving Grounds in Destiny 2

Time to clean house!

Image via Bungie

As we wrap up the Season of the Chosen battlegrounds questline, a new strike has been introduced in Destiny 2. Proving Grounds is a strike with players entering Empress Caiatl’s land tank and challenging her Champion to bring an end to the incursions between her and the Vanguard.

Along with the new strike came various new triumphs to complete and gain the Chosen title and seal. Caiatl’s Cabal is one of the triumphs that will have you scouring the land tank to find the numerous named Cabal needed to complete this triumph. The enemies themselves don’t pose much of a threat by themselves; in fact, most will probably burn through them without having any idea of the triumph. Luckily gaining credit doesn’t require you to solo them. Landing a couple of shots on them before killing them off should yield you the credit for the triumph.

There are a total of 10 enemies that need to be taken out. Luckily two of them can be done just playing through the strike. Val Ozysas can be found at the beginning encounter, and the final boss, Ignovun, at the end of the strike. The other eight targets can be found in Vehicle Bay and Maintenace Area, among the many enemies you will find there. 

Vehicle Bay

There are four enemies to take out in this area, so be sure to keep an eye out for them so you won’t have to double back later. The four enemies found here are:

  • Optus Taxaat
  • Val Cunqu’us
  • Val Kladior
  • Val Trekitus

Be on the lookout for Optus Taxaat. This target likes to hang around the center of the area and can be easily missed while busy with the tanks and other enemies in the vicinity.

Maintenance Area

The remaining four enemies to get are located here down where the land tank’s treads can be found. The four enemies to find in this area are:

  • Optus Vocca
  • Val Cempas
  • Val Veorthus
  • Val Vinca’ar

Most of the enemies found here are cluttered very close to one another. Area-of-effect weapons will make short work of them securing the credit for the triumph efficiently.