Every artefact in GPU Jungle in Astro’s Playroom

Greatness was brought with the PlayStation 4. View these artefacts for a taste of it.

The PlayStation 4 was the leading home console throughout the 2010s, mainly riding on the back of the many great exclusives the console saw over the years. Countless memories have been made between the original model’s launch and the beefed-up PlayStation 4. In that timeline, the accessories and add-ons released brought new ways to enjoy games and will be fondly remembered for years to come. That’s why it is so good to see Astro’s Playroom pay respect to these through its artefact collectibles. Here are all the PlayStation 4 artefacts you can find in GPU Jungle.

Render Forest

PS Move Motion Controller

At the start of the level, move forward near the cliff straight in front of you. Look to the right, and you will see an area below with a Horizon: Zero Dawn reference and a polygonal T-rex. To the left of the dinosaur is a vine entrance to a small cave. Blow away the windmill that appears at the vines to enter and pull the big wires for the PS Move Motion Controller artefact.

PlayStation Vita Game Pack

After you get past the stairway with the giant plug-in that rolls towards you, hug the wall on the left until you see an area you jump down to. Turn around to find a hidden room with a wire that is hiding the PlayStation Vita game cartridge. For a bonus easter egg here, punch the wall to reveal the lyrics for the background song.

Teraflop Treetops

PlayStation Camera

Climb to the first checkpoint in the monkey suit and swing yourself to the left. Grab the puzzle piece and swing yourself up and to the left again to grab the climbing path here. Get to the bar at the top to reveal the PlayStation Camera collectible.

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

After the previous artefact, grab the zipper to go back to the main path. Instead of swinging up and grabbing the puzzle piece in front of you, go to the right and swing yourself to the white pedestal. This will reveal a hidden path with rotating walls. Get to the puzzle piece on the right side and let go above the line of coins. Drop through the coins and grab the bar at the bottom to reveal the DualShock controller’s fourth iteration.

Raytrace Ruins

PS VR Processor Unit

At the first checkpoint after leaving the monkey suit, pull the wires to reveal some triggers and a bounce pad to scale the wall in front of you. Take the boardwalk on the right and pull the wires for the Virtual Reality Processing Unit.

PlayStation Vita

Two checkpoints after the VR processor, you will be on a cable that has wind trying to blow you away. Use the wind to boost yourself to a small area on the right with a Jak & Daxter reference. Use a spin move to reveal a new structure. Destroy the glass at the top with a boost and pull the wires to get the second PlayStation handheld console, the PS Vita.

Mt. Motherboard

PS VR Headset

Back in the monkey suit, you will ride a swinging rope across a gap and get past a cannon. Above this, you will notice a puzzle piece. Swing yourself up to it, and grab the rope lying on a small hill of rocks just below it. Swing across and start climbing the secret area. The third grabbing point will require you only slightly press the trigger to ascend it. If you push too hard, it will fall away. Get past the rotating block and swing yourself up to the bar above, and you will have obtained the virtual reality headset released for the PlayStation 4.

PS VR Aim Controller

After a bit, you will climb to an area with a puzzle piece in the bottom right, making you swing yourself over an obstacle to fall on it. When on the other side, climb to the top to find the PS VR Aim Controller.

PlayStation 4

Ascend to the top of Mt. Motherboard, and you will arrive at a snowy area. Get to the top of the igloo here and pull the blue wire to get the original PlayStation 4 model.