Every artefact in Memory Meadow in Astro’s Playroom

Take a trip back to the 90s with these artefacts in Astro’s Playroom.

Astro’s Playroom is a love letter to PlayStation’s past, filled with countless references to what has led the brand to be where it is today. That all started with the original PlayStation in 1995. While the game library is the most memorable aspect of the PS1, the hardware and collectibles bring about nostalgia as well. With that in mind, here are where you can find all the original PlayStation artefacts in Memory Meadow.

Gusty Gateway

PlayStation Controller

Once you reach the Ape Escape reference, you will find a mountain with sludge at the bottom that will slow you down. Spin the flower near the cloud, and a rotating platform will pop up. Time your jump when you are on the right side and follow the pathway to grab the PlayStation Controller artefact.

PlayStation Mouse

The PlayStation Mouse can be found atop of the same clifftop as the PlayStation Controller. To reach it, you will need to go around the back of the mountain. To the left, there is a bounce pad that will take you to a Tearaway reference. Behind that, you can ride a cloud to the right and jump up the cliffs. Pull the big wires at the top to claim the artefact.

Fastlane Fields

PlayStation Memory Card

After you pass the Jumping Flash reference, there will be a split in the runway. Roll yourself across the skinny road on the left to find the PlayStation Memory Card. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall here as there is a checkpoint right in front of it; take your time, and you will eventually get to the end.

PlayStation Disc

Immediately after grabbing the memory card, you will bounce onto a new platform with pink grass. Instead of following the grass to the left, roll slowly to the right, where two platforms are moving back and forth. Make it across this gap and you will have the PlayStation Disc collectible.


PSOne LCD Monitor

After the first checkpoint, you will find a column with two robots sitting on the edge of it. To get up there, there is a hidden bounce pad on the right side underneath the cloud (you will see a coin to jump onto). Get to the top, and you will see a windmill to blow into the mic on your controller for. After doing so, a new area will open up. Get to the end, and you will earn the PSOne LCD Monitor after pulling the wires. When done, jump on the rubber duck hot air balloon to return to the main path.

PlayStation Multitap

Eventually, you will run into an area where platforms are electrified. At the end, you will hit a checkpoint that you can see giant televisions stomping on the ground. Instead of moving forward, take a path to the left with more electrified platforms. In the end next to a Siren cameraman reference will be more wires to pull, giving you the PlayStation Multitap.

Bumper Broadway

DualShock Controller

After you get past the first pinball area, the track will turn to ice. Instead of going forward, you will need to roll yourself across a small icy area without falling off to get the first DualShock Controller artefact. This is one of the more challenging parts of Astro’s Playroom because of the sloping path made of ice, and you are in a ball suit. Luckily, the checkpoint is right in front here, so you will get the collectible sooner or later.


Immediately after the ice path, you will see a big bumper on a circular platform. To the left is a small black pathway with smaller bumpers on the corners. Maneuver yourself around these bumpers, and you will be launched onto a track that takes you to the PocketStation.


Get to the end of Bumper Broadway, and you will be delivered to an area with a bunch of television sets that will play the original PlayStation opening as you get close. Climb to the top and pull the blue wire to finish Memory Meadow and get the first PlayStation console as an artefact.