Every drink recipe in Genshin Impact’s Of Drink A-Dreaming event

Become the best bartender.

Image via MiHoYo

The Of Drink A-Dreaming event is a brand new event in Genshin Impact where you can take the mantle of a bartender and create some new drinks. Each drink uses a different amount of ingredients and allows you to mix and match in creative ways. Different customers will want each and every drink as well, so it’s important to unlock all of them.

The Bartender Challenge features tons of recipes that you may not have unlocked, meaning you won’t know how to make them. You won’t be able to get the best score possible without knowing how to mix every drink. We’ve compiled a full list of every single recipe you can make in the new Of Drink A-Dreaming event!

Coffee Recipes

Athenaeumx3 Coffee
Moonlit Alleyx1 Coffee, x1 Milk, x1 Cocoa Paste
Foamy Reefx2 Coffee, x1 Fizzy Water
Golden Edenx2 Coffee, x1 Milk
Night of Swirling Starsx1 Coffee, x2 Milk
Caramel Pineconex1 Coffee, x1 Milk, x1 Caramel

Tea Recipe

Misty Gardenx3 Tea
Love Poemx1 Tea, x1 Milk, x1 Caramel
Scholar’s Afternoonx2 Tea, x1 Milk
Brightcrownx1 Tea, x2 Milk
Boreal Watchx1 Tea, x1 Milk, x1 Mint
Laughter and Cheerx1 Tea, x1 Milk, x1 Cocoa Paste
Tart Brilliancex2 Tea, x1 Lemon

Juice Recipe

Gray Valley Sunsetx3 Juice
Snow-Covered Kissx1 Juice, x2 Milk
Birch Sapx2 Juice, x1 Lemon
Sweet Cider Lakex1 Juice, x2 Milk
Dawning Dewx2 Juice, x1 Fizzy Water
Barbatos’ Boonx1 Juice, x1 Fizzy Water, x1 Mint

Blend Recipe

Stroke of Nightx1 Coffee, x1 Tea, x1 Milk
Duskx1 Tea, x2 Juice

That’s all of the drink recipes you can make in Genshin Impact’s Of Drink A-Dreaming event! Now you can make all the drinks in the Bartender Challenge event without experimenting too much.