Every legendary Junkrat skin in Overwatch 2

It looks good to be bad.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As one of the original heroes from the launch of Overwatch, Junkrat has amassed quite the collection of legendary skins over the years. Because of his mischievous appearance and personality, it’s only natural that a large portion of them slot him as some type of villain or troublemaker.

You can get Junkrat’s legendary skins in a few different ways. Some of them can be purchased with Overwatch coins, and if you have some Legacy Credits that have transferred over from your time with the original game, you can also use those for a few. Others, though, only appear periodically in the game’s rotating shop. Although there aren’t any in the Season 1 battle pass, some are bound to show up in a future season.

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All legendary Junkrat skins in Overwatch 2


Screenshot by Gamepur

Junkrat’s most relaxed skin was originally (and counterintuitively) released as part of the Winter Wonderland event. It features an inflatable duck in place of his usual tire, though he’ll want to keep that far away from the spikes on his peg-leg.


Screenshot by Gamepur

We first saw this pirate-themed skin during the Anniversary event, and it’s a no-brainer for Junkrat, a character whose already known for thievery in his own right.


Screenshot by Gamepur

As a native Australian, it makes sense that Junkrat might be a fan of cricket, and this skin gave us a look at him as a player during the Summer Games event.

Dr. Junkenstein

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This classic legendary skin doesn’t just look good, with its sharp white lab coat and electrified wheel. It’s also the face of one of Overwatch 1’s most popular PvE modes. Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge was available during the Halloween Terror event and saw Junkenstein unleashing waves of monsters on a squad of players.


Screenshot by Gamepur

With his erratic behavior and manic laughter, the fool is another easy role to slot Junkrat into, and this variant features black and blue clothes with gold accents.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Apparently designed to scare off not only crows but also most people from a field, this longtime skin’s cold, dead eyes are more unsettling than any part of Junkrat’s actual Halloween-themed skin.


Screenshot by Gamepur

A color variant of his Fool skin, this retains the black, blue, and gold of its counterpart while adding a touch of purple to the mix.


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Although Junkrat has been portrayed in roles as devious as Dr. Junkenstein and the Krampus, this bright pink skin, originally released during the Anniversary event, sees him unleashing his greatest-ever menace on the world: tooth decay.

King Jamison

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Originally released during the Archives event, King Jamison gives us a glimpse into Junkrat’s past as an infamous bank-robber.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Even the holiday spirit isn’t enough to keep Junkrat from his role as villain, as shown in this Winter Wonderland skin that imagines him as the Krampus, complete with horns and a satyr hoof prosthetic.


Screenshot by Gamepur

This recolor of the Hayseed skin trades in red flannel for blue denim and green accents, while retaining the same off-putting orange eyes.