Every special move and move combo in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

All the controls you need to know.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds’ striking system is much different than the one utilized in the WWE 2K franchise. The new over-the-top wrestling game provides a much different playing experience, as well as some brand new features. One of those new features is the addition of unique striking moves and combinations that fit in with the theme of the title. So what kind of special moves are in WWE 2K Battlegrounds? Let’s go over the list.

But before we do, let’s point out something very important. The moves that a fighter possesses depends on the class of said wrestler. For example, Baron Corbin belongs to the Brawler class. Because of this, Corbin will have special moves that belong to that archetype. In order to see which class your fighter belongs to, you can either check it at the Select a Wrestler screen, or at the Superstars menu.

You can see the class of each wrestler when selecting a wrestler. Just look to the left.

With that said, let’s go over all the different special moves and combos, sorted by class:


NameTypeXbox ControlsPlayStation Controls
Chin UpSpecial MoveLT + XL2 + Square
Shooting StarSpecial MoveLT + AL2 + X
RebootSpecial MoveRT + YR2 + Triangle
Hit the FloorSpecial Move (can be used after an Irish Whip)LT + YL2 + Triangle
Overhead ChargeCombo PunchY/X/XTriangle/Square/Square
ToothacheCombo PunchX/Y/XSquare/Triangle/Square
Morning StarCombo PunchX/X/XSquare/Square/Square
Flying Face LiftCombo KickY/Y/YTriangle/Triangle/Triangle
Wildfire WhipCombo KickX/Y/YSquare/Triangle/Triangle
Blazing Big BootCombo KickY/X/YTriangle/Square/Triangle
Tornado 1-2Special ThrowRS (Up)Right Stick (Up)
Nap TimeSpecial ThrowRS (Right)Right Stick (Right)
Take out the TrashSpecial ThrowRS (Down)Right Stick (Down)
Killer CorkscrewSpecial ThrowLT + RS (Down)L2 + Right Stick (Down)


NameTypeXbox ControlsPlayStation Controls
DeepfakeSpecial MoveLT + XL2 + Square
Feet FirstSpecial MoveLT + YL2 + Triangle
The Kitchen SinkSpecial MoveLT + AL2 + X
Bull RushCombo PunchX/X/XSquare/Square/Square
Jewel ThiefCombo PunchX/Y/XSquare/Triangle/Square
Glasgow KissCombo PunchY/X/XTriangle/Square/Square
Vicious CycleCombo KickY/Y/YTriangle/Triangle/Triangle
Dental WorkSpecial MoveRS (Up)Right Stick (Up)
Take a BreakSpecial MoveRS (Right)Right Stick (Down)
Thunder HammerSpecial MoveLT + RS (Left)L2 + Right Stick (Left)
Submission Psych-OutSpecial MoveLT + RS (Down)L2 + Right Stick (Down)


NameTypeXbox ControlsPlayStation Controls
WhiplashSpecial MoveLT + XL2 + Square
Knee-HighSpecial MoveLT + YL2 + Triangle
Forked Lightning KickSpecial MoveLT + AL2 + X
Spin CycleCombo PunchX/X/XSquare/Square/Square
Roundhouse Ear-RingerCombo KickX/Y/YSquare/Triangle/Triangle
Rotisserie Kickin’Combo KickY/X/YTriangle/Square/Triangle
Cyclonic KickCombo KickY/Y/YTriangle/Triangle/Triangle
Springboard SlingSpecial ThrowRS (Up)Right Stick (Up)
Atom BombSpecial ThrowRS (Right)Right Stick (Right)
Twist & SnapSpecial ThrowRS (Left)Right Stick (Left)
Sweet Dreams SlingshotSpecial ThrowLT + RS (Up)L2 + Right Stick (Up)
Get a GripSpecial ThrowLT + RS (Down)L2 + Right Stick (Down)


NameTypeXbox ControlsPlayStation Controls
Driving RangeSpecial MoveLT + XL2 + Square
Big FootSpecial MoveLT + YL2 + Triangle
Seismic SmashSpecial MoveLT + AL2 + X
Coffin NailCombo PunchX/X/XSquare/Square/Square
Chopping BlockCombo PunchX/Y/XSquare/Triangle/Square
EarmuffsCombo PunchY/X/XTriangle/Square/Square
Stone CrusherCombo KickY/Y/YTriangle/Triangle/Triangle
London BridgeSpecial ThrowRS (Up)Right Stick (Up)
Full ThrottleSpecial ThrowRS (Right)Right Stick (Up)
Furious FlingSpecial ThrowRS (Down)Right Stick (Down)
The Log TossSpecial ThrowRS (Left)Right Stick (Left)
Special DeliverySpecial ThrowLT + RS (Up)L2 + Right Stick (Up)


NameTypeXbox ControlsPlayStation Controls
Fist of the DragonSpecial MoveLT + XL2 + Square
Power SurgeSpecial MoveLT + AL2 + X
Pistol WhipCombo PunchX/X/XSquare/Square/Square
Boot SandwichCombo KickY/Y/YTriangle/Triangle/Triangle
Falling StarCombo KickX/Y/YSquare/Triangle/Triangle
ThunderclapCombo KickY/X/YTriangle/Square/Triangle
Back to EarthSpecial ThrowRS (Up)Right Stick (Up)
Head BangerSpecial ThrowRS (Right)Right Stick (Right)
Monster MashSpecial ThrowRS (Left)Right Stick (Left)
Power WrenchSpecial ThrowLT + RS (Up)L2 + Right Stick (Up)
Kneel Before the KingSpecial ThrowLT + RS (Down) L2 + Right Stick (Down)

Keep in mind that when using a combo punch or kick, you must hit the buttons in succession. To illustrate, if you want to use the Overhead Punch combo, you must hit Y/Triangle and connect. After that you need to hit X/Square twice to successfully hit your opponent with the combo.