Every Upcoming Change for World of Warcraft’s Hallow’s End Event

World of Warcraft’s Hallow’s End is about to get better! Explore new stories, thrilling challenges, and fantastic rewards.

Image via Activision Blizzard

For World of Warcraft players, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen any innovations when it comes to holiday-themed events in-game. It’s not fair to pin all of that on the developer Blizzard Entertainment, as the game has been around for two decades, and even the core gameplay and design have changed drastically over the years. The team has heard our cries and wants to paint these events fresh, starting with the upcoming Hallow’s End event. We have listed below all the changes Blizzard has in store for WoW players.

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A New and Improved Storyline

Image via Wowhead

So, if you, as the average World of Warcraft player, need a reason to go around collecting candy for cool rewards, the most common answer you’d receive is a big, emphatic no. They may want to know what kind of story you could tie to an event like this. Blizzard is taking on that challenge with a newly announced storyline featuring the ever-popular Headless Horseman. Players will start in their faction’s city of Stormwind or Ogrimmar and eventually end up in the Scarlet Monastery, where we’ll see the titular character’s origins.

A Bigger and Better Headless Event

Image via Activision Blizzard

We’ve all been beating on the loot pinata that is the Headless Horseman for a while now, but that will all change soon with World of Warcraft Hallow’s End event. Blizzard has announced a new update for the entire battle, along with a special earnable achievement, which sounds pretty promising. To sum it up, he’ll be getting new attacks, such as Pumpkin Breath, an AOE cone attack that does massive damage. We’re even getting a hard mode difficulty, which fits in with the current makeup of the game, with all the difficulties for dungeons, raiding, and mythic dungeons available.

Rewards: Windborne Velocidrake Skin & More

Lastly, a new reward is coming for players called the Windborne Velocidrake skin, which can be used for customizing our dragons and will drop alongside the fabled Horseman’s Reins horse during the Headless Horseman encounter. Speaking of dragons, a new open-world achievement called “Tricks and Treats of the Dragon Isles” has also been introduced; to acquire it, visit every candy bucket located in each Dragonflight zone.