Everything in the Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

It’s a celebration.

Bungie is looking at a massive milestone this year, approaching the 30th anniversary of the studio. That is a long time to stay alive in the world of game development, so they are planning on throwing a party in Destiny 2 to celebrate.

Part of that celebration will be the 30th Anniversary Pack that will be available to all players if they want to buy into some pretty neat rewards. The pack contains a new three-player dungeon, exotic weapon, four emotes, exotic ship and sparrow, two universal ornament sets, and a unique helmet ornament. The biggest news is that the 30th Anniversary Pack will contain Gjallarhorn as a reward from the 3 player dungeon.

This is massive news, as the playerbase has longed for the return of Destiny’s best weapon for years now. Keep in mind, Gjallarhorn will be rebalanced for the current Destiny 2 sandbox, so may not be the gamechanger that it was in the original Destiny.

The new dungeon will have a pirate theme, and the pack will include some Thorn-inspired armor, and the Claymore Sword from Bungie’s classic Myth strategy game.

There will also be plenty of free events and items players in Destiny 2 can experience so don’t feel strongarmed into buying the pack. The free content includes a brand new 6-player match-made activity.