Everything you need to know about Warframe’s Community Created Warframe

Have your say in designing a new Warframe.


To celebrate seven years of Warframe, Digital Extremes are calling on the game’s community to help design a new Warframe. A Warframe hasn’t been designed in this way since 2013, and the result of that process was Nova, a consistently relevant Warframe since it launched. If you want to take part in the process, we have all the details you will need to know. 

The design process is broken up into six stages.

Community – call for themes

The call for Warframe themes is open Friday, March 6 – Thursday, March 19. This is all about the central theme of the Warframe, and abilities are not included in this design phase. First, it’s all about a strong theme! If you have a strong concept that you think would make a great central theme for a Warfram, you can submit it here!

Design Council: Vote for the theme

The Design Council is a group of Founders and players that provide ongoing feedback on the game. The Dev Team will review all theme submissions, and they will vote for the Top 10 themes, which will then be presented to the Design Council. The Design Council will vote from Friday, Mar. 20 – Thursday, Mar. 26 to choose the final Warframe theme. 

Warframe Design

Warframe Community artist Eornheit will design a Warframe based on the theme that the Design Council picks. Eornheit is a highly talented artist with a long history of work in the Warframe world. 

Ability Design

This stage puts the power back in the hands of the community, and it will be time to create the Warframe’s abilities. The call for Warframe Abilities will open Friday, Apr. 17 – Thursday, Apr. 30

Determine the power and play-style of the community-designed Warframe. We will update this official forum post with a link to submit Warframe Abilities once the call for submissions is live.

Alt Helmet Design

Faven, the TennoGen creator behind some of the game’s most popular fan-made skins, and the entire Graxx series will design an alternate helmet for the new Warframe.

Reveal at TennoCon 2020

The community-created Warframe’s name and the final design will be revealed on Saturday, July 11th, during the TennoCon 2020 Live Stream.