Everything New in Dauntless’ Ramsgiving Holiday Event


Dauntless is celebrating with the first holiday quest in its history. In Dauntless lore, Ramsgiving happens throughout the Shattered Isles for ages, but this year, it’s making an impact on the game for the first time. Ramsgiving is a day to honor rams, which are important to the game’s setting, even giving the town of Ramsgate its name. Since the Haunted Shadows season is still ongoing, there aren’t any visual changes to Ramsgate. Still, the Ramsgiving seasonal event offers some special ram-themed items that are only available for a limited time.

Ramsgiving only runs from Nov. 26 to Dec. 3, so you’ll need to act fast to take participate in holiday events.

Dauntless Ramsgiving Holiday Quest

This Ramsgiving, there’s one particular quest available to celebrate the holiday. To get started, you need to acquire a Ramsgiving Event Ticket, which is in the Dauntless Store. It doesn’t cost anything to buy.

Once you have the Ramsgiving Event Ticket, you should notice a new quest marker on your compass. Head over to Wils, the blacksmith, to start the quest. He’ll exchange your ticket for the Ramsgiving quest, A Ramsgiving to Remember, which is pretty simple to complete.

Dauntless Ramsgiving quest

All you need to do to finish the quest is to collect 800 Moonstones and bring them back to Wils. Moonstones are this season’s currency for the Hunt Pass, and they’re easy to find. The best way to collect Moonstones is by completing bounties, the new quest type in Dauntless’ Aether Unbound update. You’ll get at least 20 Moonstones for each bounty you complete, and you can work on four at a time.

There’s an easier way to earn a few Moonstones on the side, but it won’t get you to 800. Make sure to collect the 10 Moonstone caches scattered around Ramsgate every day, each of which grants you five Moonstones. If you grab all 10 every day of the Ramsgiving event, that alone will get you halfway to finishing the quest.

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If you make it to 800 Moonstones and turn A Ramsgiving to Remember in on time, you’ll receive an exclusive weapon skin called Benson’s Basher. This skin gives your hammer a festive new look, replacing the hammer’s head with that of Benson the ram, Ramsgate’s mascot.

Dauntless Store Ramsgiving Items

In addition to the holiday quest, the store is also getting a few new ram-themed items to celebrate Ramsgiving. There are two different sets to choose from – one based on the game’s classic Ramsguard armor and one more festive collection based on Benson.

The store has two helm skins for Ramsgiving. First, there’s Benson’s Disguise, a helm skin that turns your helm into a ram’s head with a fresh hand-stitched look. The other is the Ramsguard War Helm, a severe-looking horned helmet. Benson’s Disguise costs 500 Platinum, while the Ramsguard War Helm is only 450 Platinum.

Dauntless Ramsgiving Benson's Disguise

There are also two lantern skins available: the plush ram Li’l Benson and the sleek Ramsguard Watchlight. Either set you back 360 Platinum.

Both Ramsguard and Benson get their own “style kit,” which comes with a new banner fabric, flagstaff, sigil, and flare to customize your appearance on the battlefield. They’re each available for 850 Platinum during Ramsgiving.

There’s one unique Ramsguard item that doesn’t have a Benson-themed equivalent, and it’s the priciest Ramsgiving item in the store. The Ramsguard Commander armor skin sets will turn your entire armor set – bracers, chest, helm, and boots – into a Ramsguard commander’s uniform. The imposing set is sold as a single item and costs 1,800 Platinum. According to Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs, this may be the last time the Ramsguard Commander set in the store.

Dauntless Ramsgiving Ramsguard

While there’s no full Benson armor set, there is a ram-themed arrival emote. The Wham, Bam, Thank You Ram emote has your character getting headbutted by a ram whenever they arrive on a hunt. It’s available for 950 Platinum.