Everything you need to know about Crimson Days in Destiny 2

Team up with a loved one and lay waste to your enemies.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Crimson Days has returned to Destiny 2, once again bringing romance to the Tower by having Guardian couples murder each other in the Crucible. The event will run for one week, from Feb. 11-18, and features new rewards from Shaxx. To take part, you need to have escaped the Cosmodrome, and be at least 790 Power, which is pretty much anyone who hasn’t just started playing the game today.

If you are a long time player, you might run into an issue when you visit Shaxx if you already have the Emblem he gives you in your Inventory. Simply delete the one in your Inventory and grab the new one to have the Crimson Days bounties and rewards appear.

Crimson Days

To earn these rewards you will need to collect Confectionary Hearts, then trade them to Shaxx in exchange for the reward of your choice. You can earn them by playing Crimson Doubles in the Crucible, and by finishing Weekly and Daily bounties which can be collected from Shaxx in the Tower. Not all the bounties are PvP related, but the vast majority of them will be, as Crimson Days is a Crucible focused event.

Crimson Doubles

Crimson Doubles is a special Cricuble mode that pits teams of two against each other. It also has some special rules that dictate how the match will play out. It is a good idea to stick close to your partner to take full advantage of them.

  • Reunited – Increase the charge rate of abilities when Guardians are in close proximity to each other.
  • Falling Apart – If you are too far apart, the enemies will get waypoints to your locations.
  • Vengeance – If a teammate is killed you will get a small amount of health back, and increased ability charge rate.

Crimson Days Rewards

You can get the follow rewards from Shaxx for the indicated amount of Confectionary Hearts:

  • Tirastrella Shell (25)
  • Undeterred Sparrow (50)
  • The Vow Legendary Bow (100)
  • Dieselpunk Wardcliff Coil Ornament (125)
  • SVC-12 Sparrow (50)
  • IVC-10 Sparrow (50)
  • Warmhearted Gift (5)
  • Flaunting Dance (150)

You will have until Feb. 18 to earn as many Confectionary Hearts as you can and get all the rewards from Shaxx.