Fall Guys “Spicy Hot Fix” patch – Patch notes

A new patch is coming to Fall Guys that will bring small, but much-needed changes to the game.

fall guys running fast

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been the breakout success story of double-A battle royale fame, but that hasn’t come without players wanting to see some aspects of the game changed or improved.

The newest “Spicy Hot Fix” game patch that arrives in roughly a week proves that the Fall Guys team both deals with exploitative play and listens to their playerbase. The developers have made it clear that they are constantly working to make this game the best possible experience for casuals and tryhards alike.

Here is a breakdown of the changes coming soon.

Team Game equality

Ever get sorted into a Fall Ball game that’s 6-on-5? No more. The newest patch will make sure team games only happen when the teams can be split evenly, whether into two, three, or four groups depending on the game. It’s equality. Although morale on the yellow team will still be low, and there’s no fixing that.

Round Game improvements

Two games are seeing some changes: first and foremost, Jump Showdown. Being the newest game mode, it was bound to have some issues. The camera in the level auto-panned, making it impossible to keep track of your fall guy, but that will be removed. It will also remove the infamous “wall-grab forever” exploit by changing the level’s geometry. The other game with a change is Slime Climb, removing the ability to grab the moving obstacles on the course.

Controller options

For a game available only on PC and PlayStation 4, it was very strange that the game was able to controller bind for the Xbox and Nintendo controllers, but not for the PS4 ones. Soon all players using PS4 controllers will be able to bind their keys the same way keyboard and other controller players would. Jump binding support will also be added for players in Japan.

Squad comes first

If you’re spectating and looking for your party members, you can be cycling through fall guys forever, maybe not even find your party members before the round ends. Not anymore. If you are in a party, the spectator mode will prioritize party members over all other players and automatically have you watching your friends. Or your enemies. We don’t judge who you play with.

There are also smaller fixes coming in the patch like crash fixes, improved UI on PS4, a few visual fixes for outfits, and improved store dialogue to prevent accidental purchases (thank goodness).

Overall, this patch won’t add anything new or major to the game, but it will make the experience of playing smoother and much more enjoyable.