Fallout 76 Fire Breathers Exam & Quest Guide

 Fallout 76 Fire Breathers Exam & Quest Guide

In Fallout 76, the Fire Breathers are a division of the Responders. You’re introduced to the Responders almost as soon as you leave Vault 76, but to find the Fallout 76 Fire Breathers and join them, you’re kind of on your own. The Fallout 76 Fire Breathers main quest is called Into The Fire and this Fallout 76 Fire Breathers guide has everything you need to know to find the Fire Breathers’ location in the game and answer the question; Where are the Fire Breathers in Fallout 76?

Where to find the Fire Breathers in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Fire Breathers Exam & Quest Guide
Fallout 76 – Fire Breathers Into The Fire Quest Start • TL;DR Games • Fair Use

To start your journey to become a Fire Breather, you need to go to the Charleston Fire Department. Search the building, and you’ll have the opportunity to take the Fire Breathers knowledge exam. Before you take it though, head upstairs and grab the exam cheat sheet off the desk with the Master Terminal on.

When you’ve got 7/7 on the exam, head over to the Charleston Herald building, and interact with the terminal upstairs. This will kick off the quest Running High; all you need to do is sprint to another building in Charleston and back again in under three minutes. Completing this will open you up to the final Fire Breathers test.

How to join the Fallout 76 Firebreathers

Fallout 76 Fire Breathers Exam & Quest Guide
Fallout 76 – Belching Betty Entrance • TL;DR Games • Fair Use

For the Fire Breathers’ final exam, you need to head further south into the Ash Heap region and head to a place called Belching Betty. Here you will find Bernie, the Fire Breathers’ loyal Protectron. He will tell you everything you have to do, along with providing you with a firefighter’s helmet and outfit. Equip these because they’re used for protection.

Your job is to enter the Belching Betty mineshaft and reach the bottom. Along the way there will be some Scorched so make sure you’re well equipped with 10mm ammo for the Anti-Scorched 10mm Pistol Bernie also gives you. When you get to the bottom, activate the emergency beacon then head back to the surface, fighting the rest of the Scorched. When you reach the top, go back to the Charleston Fire Department to officially register as a Fire Breather.

Completing all of this will introduce you to the quest called The Missing Link. This is where you’ll be introduced to the Raiders for the first time at the Top of the World.

Already joined the Fire Breathers and looking for a new challenge? Here’s how you join the Enclave and unlock the ability to detonate nukes.