Glowing Resin locations in Fallout 76

Find a highly coveted resource with ease.

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Fallout 76 has numerous resources, and you need to scavenge to create pretty much anything. One of these is Glowing Resin, used for syrup and vodka, but more importantly, it’s also used in high-level weapon mods. There are some places to find Glowing Resin in Fallout 76, as it’s the orange goo around trees. To pick it up, all you need to do is interact with it without the assistance of any special tools to extract it.

Glowing Resin in Fallout 76 spawns in a lot of different locations. You can find it in these notable locations:

  • East of Whitespring, past the Disposal Site
  • North of the Top of the World Ski Resort
  • Ash Heap, east of Red Rock Fueling station
  • The mountain path nearby Cliffwatch

Around any of these places would be ideal to set up your camp if you want to farm Glowing Resin by server hopping. To do this, place your camp nearby, then, when you’ve collected all of the Glowing Resin, head inside your camp, log off and connect to another server. The Glowing Resin should have respawned, as long as somebody else on the server hasn’t been and looted it recently.

There are likely other more notable locations covering the entire Fallout 76 map. Glowing Resin is a resource you can find in several locations, and many have reported seeing them elsewhere. The spots listed above are areas you can expect to find a good handful, around four to six resource deposits. You can hop around the game gathering them up, or server hop to find more of it after setting up your camp.

A good indication you’re nearing a location with some good Glowing Resin is if strong enemies are nearby. Plenty of players have reported on Reddit having fought strong enemies before finding their coveted resource.