Fallout 76: Invaders from Beyond | Event locations, How to Complete, Rewards

These are strange encounters from the 76th kind.

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The month of March brings about a new type of seasonal event to Fallout 76 — one that sees Appalachia invaded by swarms of little green men.

Aliens, while previously rumored to be present in the region — or at least minorly present, in the case of the Flatwoods Monster — have taken over in full-force, and the wastelanders are tasked with sending them back to their home planet.

Alien Ambushes

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In areas of the map prone to hosting random events, passing wastelanders may encounter a roving party of aliens.

The centerpiece of these parties is the Flatwoods Monster, the Martian-looking demi-boss monster known to occasionally lurk in the Mire. Now given more room to roam, the Flatwoods Monster finds itself free to use its mind control powers — as indicated by the purple glow overtaking nearby creatures — to build itself an army of local fauna and raiders alike.

Flanking the Flatwoods Monster are four unique alien types introduced with the update.

  • Two robotic Alien Drones that blast lasers at players and explode upon death.
  • One Alien Invader, functioning like an enemy in a set of power armor with plasma grenades and a laser pistol.
  • One Cryogenic Alien, whose freezing lasers can slow players movement speed and fire rate.
  • One Toxic Alien, whose lasers can poison the player, draining their health slowly.

While it is unclear what these aliens are looking for in their travels across Appalachia, what they have when killed can benefit energy-based players.

  • Junk: circuits, antiseptic, toy aliens bearing plastic and lead.
  • Ammunition: Alien Blaster rounds — the only enemy type to drop these, and the only current method of acquisition outside of ammunition crafting.

Should a player opt to build their C.A.M.P. in the very popular field east of Charleston Station, for example, they should at least be prepared to handle some uninvited guests.

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Event Invasion

Alien enemies have the chance to invade several standard above-ground world events, replacing each event’s standard enemy type.

  • Line in the Sand: Aliens replace scorched.
  • Campfire Tales: Aliens replace insects.

Invaders from Beyond: The main event

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At the top of every hour, a world event opens at one of five locations throughout Appalachia.

  • Dyer Chemical — The Mire
  • Monongah — Savage Divide
  • Wavy Willard’s Water Park — Toxic Valley
  • Garrahan Mining Headquarters — Ash Heap
  • Sparse Sundew Grove — Cranberry Bog

At the event location, players will discover three Brainwave Siphons, each needing to be destroyed, but each protected by a force field that will deflect all incoming damage. To destroy each Siphon, players must cooperate to kill at least 30 of the rapidly-spawning aliens per wave, with a boss enemy spawning at the end of each.

  • Lieutenant Kappa: One standard Alien following Siphon Kappa’s wave.
  • Captain Omega and Captain Alpha: Two Alien Drones following Siphon Omega’s wave.
  • General Zeta: One guaranteed three-star legendary Alien Invader following Siphon Zeta’s wave.

Killing the boss will disable its respective Siphon’s forcefield, allowing players to destroy it through whatever means they may have.

Standing too close to the Siphons during a wave will result in the player’s health being sapped over time. Players should know to clear out from a Siphon radius when the device emits a low pitched buzz.

Additionally, from the start of the second wave onward, the mothership overhead will fire laser strikes down onto wastelanders in the area, as indicated by vertical red beams over the location of an incoming strike, and shown on players’ HUDs as an incoming grenade. Players only have a few seconds to escape the beam’s location before getting caught in the subsequent blast.

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Unique Rewards

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By destroying all three Siphons and completing the event, wastelanders can earn a variety of combat-effective rewards unique to this event only.

  • Alien Blaster: Otherwise one-of-a-kind laser pistol, loads Alien Blaster rounds.
  • Alien Disintegrator: Semi-automatic laser rifle, loads Alien Blaster rounds, fits well into Marksman builds.
  • Electro Enforcer: Two-handed electric mace, deals very high melee and shock damage.

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