Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations

 Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations

Throughout the history of the Fallout games, power armor has always been the best armor available. You’re decked out in a full blown armor suit that negates all fall damage and allows you to absorb a lot more shots and hits. Power armor in Fallout 76 works the same, though there are only certain spots around the map where it can spawn. During our time with the beta so far, we’ve found 14 Fallout 76 power armor locations, which is without a doubt not all of them, but it’s a solid start on your hunt for Fallout 76 power armor. Here are all of the Fallout 76 power armor locations we’ve found.

Fallout 76 Power Armor Map

14 Fallout 76 power armor spawn locations
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As you can see, they tend to be spread out across the map. We haven’t been able to explore the north-east yet properly, and we haven’t found any in the center of the south yet.

Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations

Here are all of the locations explained:

  • WV Lumber Co – Starting in the north-west, this place is infested with Super Mutants, though we found they were all at level five and super easy to take out. Look for the Power Armor amidst the main factories.
  • Aaronholdt Homestead – Down the eastern road from the WV Lumber Co is Aaronholdt Homestead, a farm with a few buildings. You’ll find some power armor in there.
  • Unnamed Location 1 – North-east of there is a small cave which contains some more power armor.
  • Clarksberg – Carry on east, and you’ll come across Wavy Willard’s Water Park. South of there is Clarksberg, an abandoned town with a fire station, post office and shooting gallery. In the upper floors of one of the buildings is a power armor station.
  • Moundsville Penitentiary – South of Clarksberg, just past Grafton is Moundsville Penitentiary. It’s another Super Mutant home so be careful, but when you clear it out, there’s more power armor to be found.
  • Morgantown – In the southern part of Morgantown, further south of Moundsville Penitentiary is a warehouse. You can find more power armor inside.
  • Point Pleasant – Point Pleasant is west of Morgantown and is the home of the Mothman Museum. While the museum isn’t anything to write home about, there’s some power armor on top of a building here. Just watch out for the small army of Scorched using this place as a home.
Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations
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  • Billing Homestead – South of Point Pleasant, along the river and past Flatwoods, you’ll find the Billing Homestead which can be claimed. Just north of it is some silos – check the area for some power armor.
  • Nuka-Cola Plant – Further south is the Nuka-Cola plant, noticeable by the enormous Nuka-Cola bottle. Find a way inside, and there’s some power armor in the basement.
  • Hornright Industrial Mining Company – East from there is the Hornright Industrial Mining Company, at the next fork in the river. This place is part of a quest called The Motherlode so when you obtain that quest, do it swiftly if you want to grab some power armor.
  • Vault 63 – If you want some of the new mining power armor, head to the very south-west toward Vault 63. Make sure you search for the correct keycard first to get inside.
  • Unnamed Location 2 – All the way to the south-east corner now and there’s a crashed Vertibird outside of Watoga. There’s power armor by the crash site.
  • Drop Site V9 – Further south-east and you’ll find Drop Site V9 which has another power armor spawn.
  • Camp Venture – The final power armor spawn point we’ve found is at Camp Venture, north from Watoga and east of the enormous satellite dish on the map.

14 Fallout 76 power armor locations in total that we’ve found, but we reckon there’s a lot more. Depending on the type of power armor, you need to be a specific level to wear it – the lowest is Raider power armor which has a minimum level requirement of 15. So, unfortunately, it’s not worth hunting these down until then but what you can do is go and kill a Grafton Monster.