Family feud quest guide – Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Everything about the family feud quest, and its bug.

Blood is about to spill in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord because of someone’s mistake, and an NPC has tasked you with ensuring nothing wrong comes about it. You can receive this quest from an NPC in several towns, and it’s your job to protect someone. Going about it, though, is a little bit tricky.

Starting the quest

When you accept the quest, you need to speak to the NPC in the same town you took the quest. You can quickly find them by wandering into town and clicking the Left-Alt button. Doing this informs you of all the notable locations and NPCs in the town. Make sure to double-check your quest log to verify which NPC you need to talk to in the town. Locate them and speak to them when you do. They won’t have a blue exclamation point near their name or over their head, so double-check the name in your quest log.

Progressing the quest

When speaking to them, inform them you know all about the situation and how you will escort them to talk to the angered party of the Family Feud quest to resolve this matter peacefully. They will refuse, but if you insist on them not being a coward and how you can’t protect them forever, they will agree with you, and go to the town. When they join your party, double-check the quest log to see what new town you need to visit for the next step of the quest. On the third step of the quest, you will see what new NPC you need to talk with, and you can click their name to see what nearby town you can find them. Typically, it’s a small village nearby, so you won’t have to travel too far.

When you arrive at the new town, you should be able to find the NPC you need to speak to in the upper right-hand tab. They should have a blue exclamation point next to their name. Instead of dropping into town, you can choose to click on their icon and immediately transport yourself, and the character you need to protect, right in front of them. Now, to complete this quest, go through the dialogue prompts, and then hold when you have multiple dialogue options.

Dialogue options

When you have multiple dialogue options, you want to choose “You’re breaking the law,” when you see it. This begins the process of attempting to persuade the angered party not to attack your protected NPC. Your character does need to have the charm to do this successfully. If they don’t, this can end up badly for everyone involved.

Now, while you’re attempting to persuade him, you want to choose the third dialogue option, and then the first one. You want to do it in this order, and then you’ll be able to successfully convince the angered NPC not to attack or harm anyone. You should be good to go after this, and you will have completed the quest.

Family feud Bug

However, there is a bug with this quest where if you fail to persuade the individual wanting to harm your protected NPC, a fight ensues. If you talk to the attacking NPC, it stops everyone from attacking, and it prevents the quest from progressing forward. You won’t be able to stop the quest, and it will be stuck until it runs out of days in your quest log. At the time of this writing, there’s no way to continue the quest if it does become stuck. Alternatively, if you fail and they kill the NPC you need to protect, the quest also fails.