Coral Island Animal Guide: All Livestock, Products, Prices & Pets

Coral Island doesn’t just have cute romance options – this world is filled with adorable pets and livestock to raise.

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Coral Island has followed in the footsteps of farming sims of old, providing a wide variety of animals players can raise on their farm. Some will be a great source of income while others are there to keep players company while they work.

Coral Island has a variety of farm animals as well as pets. Taking care of them is no easy matter as players must strategize how many animals they want, what kind, and what it would take to care for them. Animals are a big investment and it will take time to establish a system that works for the player.

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Available Farm Animals in Coral Island

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Farm animals are a valuable resource for players in Coral Island. These animals will be able to provide produce that can be turned into other items through crafting. These items can either be sold, turned into food to keep the player’s energy levels up, or can be given to the goddess for rewards and island upkeep. They will either be kept in a coop or a barn. Players will have the option of buying a horse but that will require a stable first. The available animals are the following.

AnimalLocationPrice to buyProduces
Chickencoop600egg; large egg; golden egg; large golden egg
Duckcoop1,000duck egg, large duck egg
Quailcoop5,000quail egg; large quail egg
Peafowlcoop20,000feather; large feather
Cowbarn2,500milk; large milk, golden milk; large golden milk
Sheepbarn2,000wool; large wool
Goatbarn8,000goat milk, large goat milk
Pigbarn12,000black truffle; white truffle
Llamabarn30,000 (for two)llama wool; large llama wool
Luwakbarn30,000gesha coffe bean; large gesha coffee bean

All farm animals can be bought at the Ranch just north of the player’s farm. The selection of animals available depends on the town’s rank. Players must build a coop or barn before they can purchase a farm animal.

All Available Pets in Coral Island

coral island animal pets
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Coral Island offers players almost as many pets to adopt as cute townies to romance and marry. Pets can be adopted at the Pet Shelter in the Town Hall. They will become available to adopt once the town rank is an E. Then players must buy a pet house and bed before they are able to adopt one of the pets found there. All pets are already named and players can meet each one before deciding. The pets available are the following.

NameType of Animal
Gary Kuncat
Mr. Fluffcat
Spike Bonkersdog
Spiker Doodog

Mythical Pets will also be available later in the game. Kickstarter backers will be able to have earlier access to the mythical pets instead of waiting for later game play. They only known mythical pet at this time is the dragon.

Animal Products in Coral Island

coral island animal products
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The farm animals mentioned each produce different items unique to them. There is a normal version and a large version for every item. Chickens and cows have golden versions of each which are the same price as their regular alternatives. Products can be used to craft other items that can be sold or used to further the player along in the game. An example is with the use of a Mayonnaise Machine, the player can turn eggs into mayonnaise.

ItemSelling PriceItems it can be crafted intoCrafted item Price
Egg45Mayonnaise 100
Large Egg75MayonnaiseTBD
Duck Egg95TBDTBD
Large Duck Egg155TBDTBD
Quail Egg235TBDTBD
Large Quail Egg375TBDTBD
Large Feather2950TBDTBD
Large Milk125TBDTBD
Large Wool270TBDTBD
Goat Milk200TBDTBD
Large Goat Milk330TBDTBD
Black Truffle590TBDTBD
White Truffle925TBDTBD
Llama Wool530TBDTBD
Lage Llama Wool885TBDTBD
Gesha Coffee Bean600TBDTBD
Large Gesha Coffee Bean1000TBDTBD

The player will need tools to collect some of the items listed. Any wool items require shears and any milk items need a milk pail. Pigs and Luwaks must be outside to find their respective items.

How to Get Higher Quality Animal Products in Coral Island

coral island animal quality products
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There are levels of quality for every product that players can get. There is the base quality, then bronze, silver, and gold. To achieve a higher level of product, players have to put the work in. The first place to start is to make sure the animals are loved. Every animal will have a heart meter similar to the characters in town. Players must get their animals happy if they want to see any results.

Another thing players will need is high-grade food. Hay will also have quality levels of bronze, silver, and gold. Higher quality levels of food produce higher levels of animal products

Can Animals Get Sick in Coral Island

coral island animal sick
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Animals can get sick in Coral Island. Thankfully, players can buy medicine at the Ranch. Animal’s health can be monitored by interacting with them. There will be a notification under their affection meter that will tell the player how each animal is feeling that day.