All farm animals in Coral Island, and how to get them

Don’t count your chickens just yet.

Image via Stairway Games

Coral Island, like the many farming simulators that it draws inspiration from, allows players to raise and purchase animals to live on their farm. These furry and feathered friends bring life to the farm while also providing a steady source of income for farmers as they breathe new life into their island homes. Here are all the farm animals currently in Coral Island and how you can get them on your farm.

All Coral Island farm animals and how to get them

Image via Stairway Games

Coral Island is one of the newest games in the farming simulator genre, complete with plenty of crops to unlock and eligible NPCs to romance. There are currently 10 farm animals available for purchase in Coral Island, though the game is still in early access so this list could expand with future updates. To bring your new animal friends home with you, head to the Ranch, which is located just before you enter the forest. Jack and Kenny will sell you animals for your farm, but only if you have built the appropriate building on your farm. They can also sell you feed for your animals and medicine in case they get sick, so you’ll want to visit them often.

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Farm animals in Coral Island live in one of two buildings, the Coop and the Barn, which can be built by bringing the necessary materials and money to the carpenters, Joko and Dinda, after completing the Home Sweet Home quest. Once you’ve constructed the necessary building, just visit the Ranch and purchase your newest animal companion.

Coop Animals

There are currently four different animals that can be purchased that live in the Coop. After being built, this building will house a total of four animals but can be upgraded to hold more by visiting the carpenters in their shop in town.

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Peafowl
  • Quail

Barn Animals

Six animals are currently available to move into your barn on Coral Island. Like the Coop, the Barn can initially house up to four animals, though it can also be upgraded to hold more once you’ve gathered more materials and paid the Carpenters for their time.

  • Cow
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Llama
  • Luwak
  • Pig