The fastest way to finish the “Get 50 Elimination Rec: 4 Players” challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

A quick killer.


Week 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season has introduced a new Rec: 4 Players challenge, and this time you will need to get 50 eliminations against other players. Once again, the “Rec: 4 Players” means it is recommended to do this challenge with a squad. However, it is not required, so you can do this in Solos or Duos if you wish. 

By far, the best way to do this challenge is in Team Rumble. Because all your kills, and the kills from your squad, will count towards your goal of 50, you want to play in a mode where kills happen often. This makes Team Rumble the perfect place to go to get the challenge wrapped up quickly.

Kills come thick and fast in Team Rumble, and it is also a pretty short mode, so you can replay it quickly to get all 50 Eliminations, although we imagine it will only take a couple of rounds of this mode to get the challenge wrapped up.

If you have never played Team Rumble before, it pits two teams against each other in a reasonably small area. You respawn after you die, and the goal is to get to the target number of kills before the other team. There is always a lot of building in this mode, and it is a fun match to play if you are not up for the stress of a proper round of the battle royale game.

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