What does Rec: 4 Players means in Fortnite?

It’s not what some people think.


A new type of challenge has been causing some confusion for players in Fortnite, so we thought a break down of what exactly “Rec: 4 Players” means might be helpful for some. These new challenges have started to appear in the weekly challenges for the last couple of weeks.

So far, we have had the challenge to search 100 chests in Week 6, and in Week 7, we have the challenge to eliminate 50 players. Both of them have had “Rec: 4 players”. Some people believe that these are squad-based challenges that can only be completed with four people and that the “Rec” stands for required. This is not true, however.

The “Rec” stands for recommended. Epic is advising that for these challenges, and only these challenges, progress made by any player in a squad of four will count for all members of that squad. They are recommending that you play with four people to finish the challenge quicker. That is all it means, you can still happily finish up the challenge in Solos or Duos if that is how you prefer to play the game.

You can still complete the challenge solo, every searched chest and eliminated opponent will still count towards your progress, and you will get the full amount of XP (80,000 for these challenges) when you finish them.

You can also finish up these challenges in Team Rumble, which is great for the Eliminations challenge as it will make finish it up very quickly, especially if you have a solid four-man squad.