FFXIV: Everything We Know About Dawntrail’s Viper Job

Ready to embrace the Viper’s dual-sword mastery in FFXIV? Our guide details what to expect from this exciting new job, including its intriguing sword staff mechanic.

Image Via Square Enix

Square Enix has announced that the Viper is one of Final Fantasy XIV‘s new jobs that will be introduced in the Dawntrail expansion. Here’s everything we know about Final Fantasy XIV’s Viper job.

The Final Fantasy XIV expansions add at least two new jobs to the game, with Endwalker introducing the Reaper and the Sage. These jobs usually can only be started once the player has reached the content in the new expansion, so the new jobs don’t have a level 1 equivalent, forcing you to start out as different classes before upgrading later on.

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Final Fantasy 14’s Viper Job, Explained

Image Via Square Enix

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion has revealed that the Viper will be one of the new jobs introduced to the game. Details about the Viper are scarce, but there are some interesting tidbits from the trailer and information released by Square Enix.

The Viper is a melee DPS weapon class that uses two swords in combat, bearing a strong similarity to the Ninja job. These swords can be combined into a Darth Maul-style sword staff for extra damage. You can alternate between swift strikes with both swords and heavy attacks with the staff form. Like the Reaper from Endwalker, the Viper is a brand new job and isn’t a reference to any of the classes appearing in the other Final Fantasy games.

The aesthetic of the Viper has an Assassin’s Creed vibe, though that could be a homage rather than a hint at any future collaboration content. The clothing also has a pirate/buccaneer theme, which tracks Dawntrail’s story about a visit to a brand-new land.

Another job will be joining the Viper in Dawntrail, but we all know that it’s a ranged magic DPS class. Some fans have theorized that it’s a Green Mage or Geomancer, but that has yet to be confirmed by any of the Final Fantasy XIV staff.

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The Viper certainly looks impressive in terms of its combat style and outfit. Whether it will be enough to convince fans to shy away from the jobs that they’ve been using for years remains to be seen, but that twin sword style is fancy enough that people might be tempted to ditch their Dragoons and Samurai for a sea-faring Drizzt Do’Urden.