The Best Midfielders in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


So far, we’ve taken a look at the best Goalkeepers as well as the best Defenders that you can buy for your FUT squad in FIFA 20 and this third guide we’ll be looking over who you need to boss the middle of the park.

We will be covering every position available from CDM through to LM, and if you follow this handy list, then you’ll soon be dominating the online world of FUT, as well as being a lot poorer as these guys aren’t going to come cheap.

As always, Icons will be included where applicable, and each player will be natural to their position so there won’t be any CAM masquerading as CM players.

The Best Midfielders in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Central Midfielders

  1. Lothar Matthäus. Icon. OVR: 93.
  2. Andrea Pirlo. Icon. OVR: 92.
  3. Michael Ballack. Icon. OVR: 91.
  4. Steven Gerrard. Icon. OVR: 91.
  5. Paul Scholes. Icon. OVR: 91.

Central Defensive Midfielders

  1. Claude Makélélé. Icon. OVR: 90.
  2. Emmanuel Petit. Icon. OVR: 90.
  3. Frank Rijkaard. Icon. OVR: 90.
  4. Pep Guardiola. Icon. OVR: 90
  5. Michael Essien. Icon. OVR: 90.

Central Attacking Midfielders

  1. Pele. Icon. OVR: 98
  2. Diego Maradona. Icon. OVR: 97.
  3. Zinedine Zidane. Icon. OVR: 96.
  4. Roberto Baggio. Icon. OVR: 93
  5. Kaka. Icon. OVR: 91.

Right Midfielders

  1. Koke. OVR: 85. POT: 85.
  2. Jadon Sancho. OVR: 84. POT: 92.
  3. Serge Gnabry. OVR: 84. POT: 87.
  4. Edin Višća. OVR: 84. POT: 84.
  5. Pizzi. OVR: 84. POT: 84.

Left Midfielders

  1. Ryan Giggs. Icon. OVR: 92.
  2. Pavel Nedved. Icon. OVR: 91.
  3. Robert Pires. Icon. OVR: 91.
  4. Marc Overmars. Icon. OVR: 90.
  5. Kingsley Coman. OVR: 84. POT: 88.