FIFA 22: Can you play as a substitute in Career Mode?

Sub in, sub out.

The FIFA 22 team is looking to make Career Mode a much more realistic experience, so the devs have decided to add a new feature to this year’s game. For FIFA 22, prospects coming up the pipeline will need to work their way into the starting lineup, and that road starts with coming on as a sub.

In FIFA 22, created Career Mode players will have the ability to come on into the game as a sub. This was confirmed by the development team as part of a Pitch Notes blog post that was released in early August.

When you are on the subs bench, you will be able to jump right into the game, right from the moment that the coach puts you in as a substitution. You’ll have this option at the pre-game launcher screen. Players will be able to either jump into the game and play or just simulate past it.

Once you enter the game, you will then be shown the Match Objectives from there. These objectives will be important to complete for a few reasons. For one, completing Match Objectives will grant XP. Additionally, these will have an effect on whether or not you can take a stranglehold of a spot in the Starting XI.