FIFA 22: How the Fantasy FUT promo works

A primer on the new promo.

Image via EA Sports

It’s time for a new promo in FIFA 22, and it’s called Fantasy FUT. This promo will be a bit different than the preceding one — FUT Birthday — in FIFA 22, as cards released during Fantasy FUT will be eligible for future upgrades. However, those upgrades will be dependent on the featured players’ performances in upcoming domestic games. So, what are the requirements and how will this event go down? Let’s go over what you need to know.

Per EA, Fantasy FUT cards will be eligible to receive as high as a +3 OVR boost, should a number of requirements be met. Fantasy FUT cards will receive a +1 OVR bump should that player appear on the pitch for at least three of the team’s next five domestic matches. A +1 OVR boost can be awarded if a Fantasy FUT player appears in a win during his team’s next five domestic matches.

The third +1 OVR boost is stat-based. Attackers and midfielders must get at least one goal or assist during the next five domestic games. For defenders and goalkeepers, those players must attain a clean sheet during the next five domestic matches.

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We should note a few things about this promo. First, each overall boost opportunity is independent of one another. This means that should an attacker score a goal within the next five games, but not achieve the other two objectives, that individual will still get an upgrade.

Second, all of these requirements will begin recording on April 1. No games prior to that date will go towards the requirements set forth above.

Week 1 of Fantasy FUT went live on March 18. Week 2 is scheduled to drop on March 25 and will run until April 1.