Final Fantasy 16: Sekhret Notorious Mark Location & How to Defeat

Find out how to find and defeat the Notorious Mark Sekhret in Final Fantas 16 so you can tick it off your Hunting Board.

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Once the Hunting Board is unlocked at the Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16, it will progressively display more and more Notorious Marks that must be defeated. Defeating Notorious Marks won’t ever be a walk in the park. Still, Sekhret Notorious Mark will likely be a couple of levels higher than the player, making for an intimidating encounter.

Sekhret Notorious Mark Guide

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  • Unlocks: After the Storm Main Quest
  • Rank: B-Rank
  • Level: 31
  • Bounty: 11070 Gil and 20 Renown

Sekhret Notorious Mark Location

Sekhret can be found at Greenheaves in Martha’s Rest. The fastest way to reach its location is to teleport to the Obelisk at Martha’s Rest. Once there, head to the north exit and make for the Greenheaves region. Sekhret awaits at the northwest corner of the map.

How to Defeat Sekhret Notorious Mark

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Sekhret is, in essence, a more sturdy Minotaur. At this point of the game, chances are you’ve defeated your fair share of them. Still, Sekhret doesn’t share his unique moveset with other Minotaur-looking foes, making him a notable mark. Here is a complete rundown of Sekhret’s moveset and how to counter him in battle

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Attack NameDescriptionCounter
ChargeSekhret charges directly at Clive.Dodge sideways. Then, approach Sekhret with Phoenix Shift. This is the perfect time to deal some damage.
Maze CleaveSekhret performs a frontal cleave in Clive’s direction.Dodge sideways or parry to create an opening.
Maze SweepSekhret Sweeps the area in front of him using his maze.Dodge sideways or parry to create an opening.
Big SwingSekhret spins his maze around the arena, chasing Clive.Dodge toward safety three times for the attack to be over.
Raging BullSekhret swings his maze over and over again in a frenzy.Stay away from his reach. Once the attack ends, take advantage of this moment to deal damage.