Final Fantasy XIV: All Anabaseios The Ninth Circle Gear Loot Drops

The first Anabaseios Raid in Final Fantasy XIV will take you to The Ninth Circle, and this guide reveals all loot you can earn from it.

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The Ninth Circle raid for Anabaseios in Final Fantasy XIV is the first in the third set of Pandæmonium encounters, where a variety of rewards are available for those who complete them. Similar to the other Pandæmonium raids, it has a set loot table with specific gear drops.

You can complete the dungeon as many times as you like, giving you the chance to practice before entering the Savage level of The Ninth Circle in Final Fantasy XIV. For the standard raid, this guide covers every item drop you earn from this encounter, and you will need to roll against your group for the rewards you want for yourself.

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The Ninth Circle Raid Loot Table in Final Fantasy XIV

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Unlike the other Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV, The Anabaseios for The Ninth Circle Raid will feature a single boss for the party to encounter. The battle will take place against Kokytos, and upon defeating this character, the loot will drop for the entire Raid.

When The Ninth Circle first becomes available, all loot for this dungeon can only be acquired once per week. This resets every Tuesday with the Final Fantasy XIV servers. However, this dungeon can be attempted again, as many times as anyone would like to practice, especially when preparing to take on the Savage version of The Ninth Circle.

The Savage version of The Ninth Circle can only be attempted if you’ve already cleared this Raid, and it comes with a variety of new loot items. These will give you access to higher-tier gear with better item scores, but it will be far more complicated to finish, even for experienced groups.

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All Kokytos Loot Drops in Final Fantasy XIV

This is the full loot table for The Ninth Circle Raid in Final Fantasy XIV and the rewards you can earn. These will not be a gear with item scores but the currency you can redeem with vendors for unique items, such as the Divine Shine, Divine Twine, and Divine Solvent to upgrade your Tomestone Gear.

Gear IconGear Item
Unsung Armor of Anabaseios
Unsung Chausses of Anabaseios
Unsung Gauntlets of Anabaseios
Unsung Greaves of Anabaseios
Unsung Helm of Anabaseios
Unsung Ring of Anabaseios