Final Fantasy XIV: All The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) Loot Drops & Loot Tables

Find out all the loot you can earn from completing Final Fantasy XIV’s The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) trial.

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When it comes to completing some of the toughest content in Final Fantasy XIV, some of the best rewards in the game are on the line. Conquering these challenges takes a great deal of skill and teamwork, such as overcoming the Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) trial.

This is the more advanced version of The Abyssal Fracture trial, meaning you want to bring the best teammates with you to beat it. However, the rewards are worth it, and we know all the loot you can earn for completing it. Here’s what you need to know about the loot tables for Final Fantasy XIV’s The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) trial.

All Loot Drops from The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) Trial in Final Fantasy XIV

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The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) Trial was added for Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.5 update. You will need to complete the standard version of The Abyssal Fracture, which has a 625 Average Item Level requirement for your character. You’ll need to work your way through the Patch 6.5 Main Scenario Quests and unlock the Trial on your character. After this, make your way over to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan at coordinates (X:12.6, Y:14.2).

The requirements for The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) trial will be much more difficult than the standard one. The Extreme Trial requires your Final Fantasy XIV character to have at least a 640 Average Item Level, but anything higher than this would be ideal. After you complete it, here are all the items that your Final Fantasy XIV team might have the chance to roll on to beat this difficult Trial.

Not every item will appear at the end of the encounter, but there’s a good chance one of these items will appear for your Final Fantasy XIV team. You do need to roll on these items, and because there are eight players participating in this encounter, they each have a chance to roll on everything.