Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get Deep-Sea Umbrite

Tracking down a Deep-Sea Umbrite can take time in Final Fantasy XIV, and this guide shows you where to find one.

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Resources and materials are scattered through the many activities and zones you can explore in Final Fantasy 14, including some higher-tier resources. However, your character will need to be well-versed in participating in these activities to reach the endgame content, such as tracking down the material Deep-Sea Umbrite.

There are a few locations where you can find Deep-Sea Umbrite. There are various ways of finding them – either by yourself or with help – but it will cost you. Here’s what you need to know about collecting Deep-Sea Umbrite in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to Find Deep-Sea Umbrite in Final Fantasy XIV

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Like many of the other Deep-Sea resources that you find in Final Fantasy XIV, the only way to track down Deep-Sea Umbrite is to loot it from Submarine Voyages. The Submarine Voyages are available by unlocking the submersible schematic from the Company Workshop. However, you will need to have a Free Company that owns a home in Final Fantasy XIV to craft at the Company Workshop, which can be a hefty requirement for many players. Thankfully, the house can be any size.

After you have one constructed, it’s time to plot a course to some of the more dangerous routes you can take with your submarine in Final Fantasy XIV. These will need to be the ones that became available for Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.5 update, giving you a limited series of areas to check out. These new routes might take you a good amount of time to explore, but these are ones beyond The Lilac Sea, which was introduced in Patch 6.4

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There is an alternative to seeking this item out yourself. The other option for you is to take a more direct approach in Final Fantasy XIV, and that’s to make it to your nearby Market Board to see if you can find them for sale by other players. Unfortunately, these will be largely overpriced when they are released after the arrival of Patch 6.5, and I recommend looking for it yourself before you try making your way to a Market Board, where it’s always going to be much more expensive for any player.