Final Fantasy XIV Online The Make It Rain Campaign 2021 Event – start date, unique rewards, and more

Big savings are on the way.

Image via Square Enix

The Make It Rain Campaign in Final Fantasy XIV Online has returned with a 2021 edition. Players will take part in the event starting in the middle of July, continuing throughout August. It’s a perfect time to pick up any items you could not grab last year and an ideal time for any new players who have just joined Final Fantasy XIV Online. Here’s all the information you need for The Make It Rain Campaign 2021 event.

The Make It Rain Campaign 2021

Start time

This year’s The Make It Rain Campaign will run from July 19 at 1 AM PT to August 11 until 7:59 AM PT. It’s the perfect time for you to start saving up for any big ticket items you’ve been eyeing, and have been eagerly awaiting to acquire on your account. Luckily, you have several weeks to take advantage of this opportunity for big savings.

Event Requirements

If you are a brand new character attempting to take part in The Make It Rain Campaign 2021, you will want to make sure your character has reached level 15. They will also need to have completed any of these main scenario quests: The Gridanian Envoy, The Ul’Dahn Envoy, or The Lominsan Envoy.

Unique Event items

There are several items you can receive for participating in The Make It Rain Campaign 2021 event. You’ll have the chance to reiceve the Senorita Sabotender minion, the Vexed emote, and the MGP Bronze card. You will also have the opportunity to earn an exclusive achievement during the event, but we will not be able to learn about it until the event launches on July 19, and we’ll be updating this section with that information when it arrives.

How to start Make It Rain Campaign 2021

To begin the big event, you’ll have to wait for July 19 to roll around, and for the event to launch in your timezone. Once it’s arrived, you’ll need to make sure speak with Ollier in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald. You can find Ollier at X: 9.4, Y: 9.2

Image from Final Fantasy XIV Online Make It Rain Campaing 2021 website