FFXIV: Everything We Know About Dawntrail’s Pictomancer Job

I never knew a brush could be as deadly as the Pictomancer’s in Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion.

Pictomancer FFXIV

Image via Square Enix

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My expectations for the new jobs in Final Fantasy XIV‘s Dawntrail expansion were pretty high, but the Pictomancer passes with flying colors.

If you thought tarot cards were an odd weapon to wield on the battlefield, just wait until you catch wind of what FFXIV has in store. In the highly anticipated expansion, Dawntrail, set to release this summer 2024 for Final Fantasy XIV, we are in for a treat with the unveiling of the Pictomancer, a brand new job that paints enemies to death. 

What is a Pictomancer in Final Fantasy XIV?

Dawntrail Pictomancer Final Fantasy XIV
Image via Square Enix

The Pictomancer in Final Fantasy XIV is a ranged magical DPS you can pick up at level 80 and requires no specific class to unlock. 

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The Pictomancer job can be acquired in New Gridania, so maybe plan your spawn location strategically for when the expansion lands. Dawntrail, however, requires you to be level 90. You can jump into the expansion at level 90, wielding a one-handed brush in your left hand, and are often seen resorting to a palette board on your character’s left side. 

The Pictomancer Abilities’ in Final Fantasy XIV

Pictomancer Dawntrail FFXIV
Image via Square Enix

Though no specific skills have been confirmed yet, the core concept behind the Pictomancer in Final Fantasy XIV is its unique ability to bring its imagination to life through the medium of mixed aether

They’re armed with a specialized brush that enables you to render creations ranging from creatures and weapons to entire landscapes. While details on landscape abilities are scarce, it is hinted that they may involve buffs and debuffs.

The showcase mentions that Pictomancers have instant cast abilities and spells ready at their disposal. The Pictomancer job in Final Fantasy XIV is supposed to feel like a blend of Summoner and Black Mage. However, it does not include the support feature of resurrection, making it a fixed DPS character rather than a support role.

The Final Fantasy XIV Pictomancer reveal trailer showcases various abilities focused on imaginings, such as a Moogle using a hyperbeam-like attack. The extended trailer also introduces Krile, one of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, demonstrating summoning abilities and a flamboyant style that characterizes the Pictomancer. Vibrant colors splash across the screen as players literally draw their enemies to death.

If Final Fantasy’s previous iterations of the Pictomancer have anything to teach us about this job, it’s a bit like voodoo but instead of poking creepy dolls, you paint a cute sketch of your foes and then proceed to unleash damage.