Final Fantasy XIV: The Make It Rain Campaign June 2023 – Dates, Rewards, & Quests

Final Fantasy XIV’s Make it Rain Campaign returns for June 2023, and this guide covers all dates, rewards, and quests for the event.

The Make It Rain campaign returns to Final Fantasy XIV, giving you the chance to earn exclusive rewards during this limited event, and even more MGP. One of the major pulls for players during the Make it Rain Campaign is being able to earn 50% more MGP throughout the event, making it easier to purchase some of the more exclusive items from the Gold Saucer.

For Final Fantasy XIV’s June 2023 Make it Rain Campaign, there will be an exclusive reward of a Godbert wind-up toy, which players can earn to follow them around while they play the game. Alternatively, fans can choose to unleash it on their Sanctuary Island, letting it run around while they tend to crops or catch wild animals. Here’s everything you need to know about the Make It Rain June 2023 Campaign Dates, all Rewards, and Quests in Final Fantasy XIV.

When is Final Fantasy XIV’s Make It Rain Campaign June 2023 Event?

We have confirmed that the Make It Rain Campaign will be returning from June 30, 2023, to July 17, 2023, giving everyone a little over two weeks to participate in the event. The main quest begins at the Gold Saucer, but it should not take too long to complete.

The main attraction for the Make It Rain Campaign will be the 50% boost in MGP rewards while playing Final Fantasy XIV’s Gold Saucer. This is a location where players earn MGP to spend with the vendors, earning exclusive rewards that cannot be purchased anywhere else in the game.

All Final Fantasy XIV Make it Rain Campaign June 2023 Rewards

Alongside the exclusive rewards will be the limited-time vendor who will be offering rewards and discounts on previous certain prizes already available at the Gold Saucer. This vendor will be available at the Gold Saucer at coordinates (X:5.3, Y:6.3) for everyone. The items being discounted for the event will be the Crystal Tower strike, the Monster Toss machine, and the Cuff-a-Cur machine, to name a few.

The Godbert minion will also be available during this event.

Image via Square-Enix

Final Fantasy XIV Make it Rain Campaign June 2023 Quest

To kick off this entire event, all players will need to seek out Kipih Jakkya and complete A Golden Opportunity quest. Kipih will be available at the Gold Saucer at coordinates (X.9.4, Y:9.2). Make sure you talk with her on a character that has completed the Main Scenario Quests, The Gridanian Envoy, The Ul’dahn Envoy, or The Lominsan Envoy, beforehand.

Image via Square-Enix