Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Which House Should You Pick?

Early in Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will need to decide which of the Houses you wish to lead as the new Professor. You will need to pick from The Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, and the Golden Deer. Each house has its leader, students, and even areas that they specialize in. Now, because you can recruit characters from outside your house, this is less important than it first appears, but it can still have a significant impact on some parts of the game.

Which House Should You Pick?

Before you pick your House, you have a chance to walk around the school and speak to various characters. You can talk to the three individual House Leaders, and they can give you information on the eight students that you will be teaching in that house. You can also find the students scattered around the school. You might want to take the time to get to know them all a bit before making your decision. It depends on why you are playing the game. If the story matters more to you, then make sure to get to know each student as well as you can, if you are more about the battles then you will be more concerned about how they fight.

Below you will find a brief rundown of each house and some information that will help you make your decision.

The Black Eagles

Black Eagles

A House for gifted magic users. The value justice above all things, and will take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. In combat, they focus on magic users and harness the elements to damage foes. They also have access to healing spells. Edelgard leads this house.

The students in the Black Eagles House are Edelgard, Linhardt, Caspar, Petra, Bernadetta, Dorothea, Hubert and Fredinand.

The Blue Lions

Blue Lions

A House that consists mostly of nobles. Strong-willed, and can often find themselves in conflict with other Houses because of it. In combat, they use lances, so are suited for players who like to get right in their enemies faces. Dimitri leads this house.

The students in the Blue Lions House are Dimitri, Syvlain, Annette, Ashe, Brigid, Mercedes, Felic, and Dedue.

The Golden Deer

Golden Deer

This house tries to avoid conflict where possible; often believing discretion is the better part of valor. They favor bows in combat, making them suitable for people who enjoy ranged tactics but prefer to avoid magic. Claude leads this house.

The students in the Golden Deer House are Claude, Ignatz, Marianna, Lysithea, Leonie, Raphael, Hilda, and Lorenz.

Make sure you take the time to talk to as many students as possible before making your choice. The entire game is built around interacting with these characters, and leading them in battles, so you don’t want to get stuck with characters you don’t like. Your decision about which house to lead is final, and you can’t change it without starting a new game.