Five Flushes of Fortune camera event guide – Genshin Impact, how to get red, blue, gold, brown and purple photos

Smile for the Kamera.

Genshin Impact

Five Flushes of Fortune is the first event in Genshin Impact as part of the 1.3 update. When you first log in you will get a mission called Kurious Kamera. You will need to visit an NPC in Liyue called Ji Tong. Spawn in at the teleporter in Liyue Harbor that is closest to the docks, and you will find him on the level below you.

Speak with him and he will tell you that he has this new Kamera that only takes photos of colors. He will ask you to experiment with it. If you check the event page, you will see that the daily photo subject is red items. This can be a little confusing, so in this guide we will run through what you need to do.

The event will run from the launch of Genshin Impact 1.3 to February 13. You will need to be Adventure Rank 20 or above to take part.

How to use the Kamera

Each day, you will get a new colored item that you need to take photos of. You will need to track down items of this color, then use the Kurious Kamera to aim at them. If you can take a picture of the time, the camera will do it automatically, you do not need to press any button.

On the right side of the image above you can see there are five color panels. You need to get at least one of each of those color panels for Ji Tong. Even though the daily item is “red”, taking photos will give you random colors that can be either red, blue, gold, brown or purple, and will eventually give you one of each of the colors you need. You have 10 photos each day, but all this really means is that you may need to take 10 different photos to get at least one of all the color panels.

When you have them all, return to Ji Tong and you can claim your daily rewards, which will be 60 Primogems and a random reward from that day’s reward trove.

Day One – Red

The very first items you need to find are red, and this is quite simple. If you head to the Statue of the Seven at Sunrise, there are lots of plans around that you can photograph. You should be able to take care of all 10 photos here. If not, look for items like apples, Valberry, Jeuyun Chilli, Windwheel Asters, and Snapdragons to finish it up.

Day Two – Blue Creatures

For day two, you will need to capture blue creatures. The above video will take you to one spot on the map where you can easily find 10 of them.

Day Three – Red Creatures

For day three, you will need to capture photos of red creatures. The above video will take you to some different spots on the map where you can find them.

Day Four

For Day Four, you need to find blue items to take photos of.

Day Five

For Day Five, yellow items are required to get the random color photos that you will need.