Flying drugs gig – Cyberpunk 2077 – How to find how the drones were intercepted

Stop the signal.

Drones have been disappearing in the Badlands in Cyberpunk 2077. There’s a signal in a specific location, and you’ll need to find the source of the signal to ensure drones can safely fly through the region.

Head to Union RR

The Union RR location you need to visit is on the edge of the Badlands. You’ll have to visit where the last drone’s GPS signal went, and once you arrive there, the location is covered in guards protecting it.

Find out how the drones were intercepted

When you arrive at the facility containing the last drone’s GPS signal, it’s covered in guards, and unless you want a heavy fight, you need to sneak into the location. Rather than go directly through the front, you can go around the left side, and there’s an exposed gate you can slip through.

When you arrive, hug the right side of the wall, and look for an opportunity to breach the security. You want to try to shut down all of the cameras and turrets that are on sight, but if you can only manage one of the two, cameras are probably the best route. Once those are taken out, right in the middle will be a guard on a laptop. You can use the laptop to distract them, take them out, and then dump them in a nearby dumpster. This should place you right at the foot of the building.

Open the door that will be at this entrance, and there’s a guard there on a chair you can swiftly take out. Follow the route up the stairs, and there will be a guard or two along the way, but they’re by themselves, so easy to take out. When you reach the roof, there will be a guard up there, and when you arrive at the top, a power box and an antenna is broadcasting the signal to stop the drones from flying. Johnny comments that these were how pirate broadcasts had gone out in 2020.

To eliminate the transmitter, if you have 10 points in technical ability, you can shut it off. However, if you don’t, you’ll need to use one of your weapons to destroy the power box. When you take out the box, leave the location, and you’ll receive payment for your hard work. Both methods reward you.