Fortnite Batman: All Bat Signal Locations


Batman has made his way over to Fortnite. His arrival brings about multiple challenges for players to engage in while he’s around. A notable challenge is to locate the three different bat signals on the map. Unfortunately, not every player is going to have the same series of locations. Here are the Batman signal locations we’ve found in the game.

Batman Signal Locations in Fortnite

You need to locate three different bat signal lights in the game. These are a bit more difficult to find than the Joker canisters because they do not have a distinct beeping, but you might have an easier time because they have to shoot up into the sky. Here’s a list of the Batman signal lights we’ve found.

Fatal Fields

You’re going to find a bat signal at the top of the hill, to the west of Fatal Fields. It’s the only hill in the region, so finding the bat signal that spawns here should be no issue for any player. It’s overlooking the Fatal Fields location, making things easier for you.

Junk Junction

Right in the middle of Junk Function is the bat signal. You’re going to find it on the top of one of the buildings, surrounded by junk. There are not too many buildings in this area with a decent roof, so finding the correct one won’t take you long. Luckily, it’s right in the middle of the Point of Interest, too.

Lucky Landing

To the north of Lucky Landing, you’re going to want to proceed to the hills to the left of the desert location. The bat signal is facing the north, so it won’t shine above Lucky Landing when you light it.

Moisty Palms

Likely a location quite familiar with Batman, given how many baddies he puts behind bars. You want to go to the west of Moisty Palms and locate the prison. At the top of the prison, you’re going to find the bat signal ready for you to light it up and notify the dark knight someone has escaped.

Pleasant Park

You want to go outside of the park to locate this bat signal. It’s going to be on the hills to the southeast of the Point of Interest. Go up to the hills, and the bat signal light should be on the middle of the hill at the top of it.

Salty Springs

This bat signal is relatively far off from Salty Springs. It’s right in the middle between Salty Springs and Dusty Depot. It’s on the hill, to the west. The bat signal is facing the northeast portion of the map. To make it easier, look for the lone hill to the southwest of the small building area in the middle of Salty Springs, Retail Row, and Dusty Depot.

Snobby Shores

The final potential Batman signal you can find in Fortnite is to the northeast of Snobby Shores. You’re going to see the signal close to the edge of the forest, at the top of a hill. Get to the top and light the bat signal. If you’re lost, the hill the bat signal is sitting on overlooks a small city to the northwest. If you don’t see a town to the northwest, back up and look again.

These are the Batman signal locations we’ve found so far. We might see more in the future. However, players only need to acquire three of the bat signals, and these spawns rotate each game. Good luck finding them.