Fortnite: Best Witch Broom Locations During Fortnitemares 2023

Players must take to the skies like it’s Hocus Pocus in Fortnite’s Fortnitemares event if they want to complete every challenge.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Fortnite’s Halloween event for 2023, Fortnitemares, has temporarily changed up the map for Chapter 4 Season 4, offering a few new spooky locales to explore. The event also tasks players with completing a new set of creepy quests.

Among the quests players need to compete while this event is live is one about traveling a certain distance while riding a Witch Broom. This new item isn’t exactly easy to find after leaping out of the Battle Bus, so players need to pay attention and visit some guaranteed spots if they want to tackle that quest head-on.

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Best Witch Broom Locations in Fortnite During Fortnitemares 2023

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Players should aim for two reliable locations when entering a match in Fortnite if they want to get a Witch Broom. The first is Brutal Bastion, seen in the image above. The Witch Broom here is inside the building on one of the lower floors. Just be sure to watch out for other players taking refuge here.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second reliable location for a Witch Broom in Fotrnite during Fortnitemares 2023 is the shore north of Relentless Retreat. The image above shows the exact location to search, where players will find the Witch Broom next to a tree overlooking the moon-shaped Relentless Retreat.

How to Travel 500 Meters With a Witch Broom

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To travel 500 meters with a Witch Broom in Fortnite, players need to find a Witch Broom and use it as much as possible for the rest of that match. We’ve found that it’s possible to travel about 50 meters with each use of a Witch Broom, so players need to use one roughly ten times to complete this Fortnitemares 2023 quest.

How to Use a Witch Broom in Fortnite

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To use a Witch Broom in Fortnite, players need to pick it up, equip it, and then press the weapon use button. This will see their character launch into the sky and begin riding the Witch Broom like a surfboard. The ride won’t last long, but it’s just enough to get out of combat. Note that the Witch Broom won’t save players from long drops, like the one that killed us just after we landed our first ride.