Fortnitemares 2023 Fortnite Halloween Event: Dates, Quests & Skins

Everything fans need to know about the Fortnitemares 2023 Fortnite Halloween event, from when it starts and ends to the skins it adds.

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Fortnitemares 2023 is upon us, invading the map in Fortnite with all sorts of spooky Halloween-themed weapons, items, skins, quests, and so much more. While the name is the same, this year’s event is much better than those we’ve had previously.

During the event, players can purchase time-limited skins, use unique weapons, and earn cosmetics that won’t be available at any other time of year by smashing through the Fortnitemares questline. This guide breaks down everything players need to know and outlines how to make the most of Fortnitemares this year.

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When Does Fortnitemares 2023 Start & End in Fortnite

Fortnitemares 2023 starts on October 10, 2023, and ends at 2 AM ET on November 2, 2023. Players will have the weeks between these dates to make the most of the returning Horde Rush Mode and complete all the quests they can so they unlock every treat possible.

All Fortnitemares 2023 Quests & Rewards in Fortnite

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***This section of the guide is still in progress and will be added to as we discover more quests and their rewards***

Int he table below, we’ve listed every Fortnitemares quest and their rewards. Players must complete these to earn cosmetic rewards and bonus XP for their Battle Pass, which will help them get closer to earning even more unique skins before Season 5 starts.

Frortnitemare 2023 QuestRewardTips to Complete it
Gain full shields within 30 seconds of taking damage from opponents15,000 XPPick up Shield items when they’re available. Then, after hopping into combat and winning an encounter, use the shield immediately to fill the character’s shield all the way back up quickly.
Hit enemy players from 30 or more meters away 13 times15,000 XPUSe long-range weapons from high points on the map to hit enemies from afar. We find that the best way to deal as much damage as possible and avoid further combat with these players is to hit them in the head.
Search a Ghost Buried Chest or Rare Chest15,000 XPLook for Ghost Buried Chests and Rare Chests and open them to smash this quest out fast.
Sprint distance within 15 seconds of ringing doorbells 25 times10,000 XPRing doorbells and sprint away from them as fast as possible as if pranking a neighbourhood bully.
Travel 500 meters with a Witch Broom15,000 XPGrab a Witch Broom from somewhere around the map and travel as far as possible with it to complete the quest. We’d recommend doing this all at once instead of trying to rely on racking up the distance over multiple matches.
Visit Eclipsed Estare or Relentless Retreat15,000 XPLocate Eclipsed Estate or Relentless Retreat on the map using the quest page in Fortnite, mark one of them, and drop onto them in the next match.
(Stage 1 of 5) Earn 30,000 XP in Creator Made Experiences5,000 XPHop into any game mode built by a creator and start earning XP. We recommend looking at the spooky ones since this is Halloween.
(Stage 2 of 5) Earn 60,000 XP in Creator Made Experiences5,000 XPKeep pushing through Creator experiences. A good one we tried out was McDonalds vs KFC, which generates XP like there’s no tomorrow.
(Stage 3 of 5) Earn 90,000 XP in Creator Made Experiences5,000 XPThis step just requires even more grinding in Creative Mode, so look for one and hop in.
(Stage 4 of 5) Earn 90,000 XP in Creator Made Experiences5,000 XPAt this point, players should know what they have to do. We really do recommend jumping into large scale deathmatches though, because it’s possible to sit there and leave a character to earn XP while doing something else entirely.
(Stage 5 of 5) Earn 120,000 XP in Creator Made Experiences5,000 XPPlayers know what they need to do. Hit the McDonalds vs KFC map and grind that XP.

How to Get Free Fortnite Cosmetics From Fortnitemares 2023

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To get free cosmetics in Fortnite from Fortnitemares 2023, players must complete Fortnitemares quests. We’ve listed all the cosmetics it’s possible to earn and how to get them below. Note that all of these rewards require players to complete Fortnitemares quests, so players need to jump in as soon as they can and start bashing them out.

  • Complete 5 Fortnitemares quests to earn the Cat Banner Icon and Bat Royale Back Bling.
  • Complete 10 Fortnitemares quests to earn the Phantasmic Fall Contrail, Hypno-Bat Spray, and Sweet! emote.
  • Complete 15 Fortnitemares quests to earn the Within the Sanctum Loading Screen, Rise of the Revenant Lobby Track, and Revenant Rider Glider.
  • Complete 1 Horde Rush Mode quest to get the The Murk Wrap.
  • Complete 4 Horde Rush Mode quests to get the Heart-o-Lantern Emoticon.
  • Complete 7 Horde rush Mode quests to get the Batwing Bonespike Pickaxe.

New Halloween Skins in Fortnite for Fornitemares 2023

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As with every event in Fortnite, new skins for players to purchase have been added to the game with Fortnitemares 2023. This year, players are being treated to an incredible selection, with Alan Wake, Disney’s Jack Skellington, and Michael Myres skin bundles taking their place front and center for the spooky festivities.

The details of every skin bundle can be found on the game’s official website or the Fortnite store in-game. Players will also notice that a few horror skins from previous years, like Seth, Muckfish Bogstick, Phantom Meowscles, and Nautilus Festival Phaedra, are making an appearance this year after being the promo skins for previous years.

What is Horde Rush Mode in Fortnite for Fortnitemares 2023

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Horde Rush Mode is a returning game mode in Fortnite that’s having a small resurgence for Fortnitemares 2023. Players rush around a map, defeating enemies in waves until they defeat a boss. Then, they move into a new area and repeat the process until they’re faced with the final boss. This mode will be available for as long as Fortnitemares is live in the Discover tab.