Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 11 Epic and Legendary quests – all map challenges


Screenshot by Gamepur

Thanks to the hard work of iFireMonkey we now know what the challenges will be for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 11. As always, there will be a range of challenges that players can complete to get experience for their Battle Pass.

As always, there are multiple epic quests and then a single, tiered legendary quest to be complete. The epic quests are worth 30,000 XP this season, while the first tier of the legendary quest is worth 45,000, with each subsequent tier also being worth 30,000 XP. You can find the full list of challenges below.

Week 11 Legendary Challenges

Week 11 Epic Challenges

  • Travel in a Saucer – 30000 XP
  • Use the Recon Scanner to spot Alien Parasites and Trespassers – 30000 XP
  • Interact with equipment at any IO radar dish base (0/1) – 30000 XP
  • Deal damage in alien biomes – 30000 XP
  • Mark an Alien Parasite – 30000 XP
  • Dance with an alien parasite at Sunny Shores, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park – 30000 XP
  • Go for a swim with an Alien Parasite – 30000 XP

There is a lot to do in Week 11, and many of the challenges revolve around the various alien mechanics that have been introduced to the game this season.

We are currently waiting for the week’s Legendary quests to be revealed and will update this article when they are known.