Fortnite: How to Get Mythic Goldfish and What it Does


Fortnite has plenty of surprises in the game, and Epic Games loves to throw curveballs at their audience members whenever they have the opportunity to do so. They did it when they transitioned to the Chapter 2 update when they had the game in a black hole. Now, they’re doing it with the new fishing mechanic in their game. Players who are lucky enough have the chance to catch a Mythic goldfish, which is going to make them stand out. Here’s how you get the golden fish and what it does in the game.

How to Get The Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite Chapter 2

Is the item even in the game? Some players had thought it had not gone into the official release of the game, and it was going to come out in a new hotfix or a patch. However, we know it’s in the game at this point. You can check out in action in a Reddit post by BlakeBenbow. They show footage of them getting hit by the Mythic goldfish and getting placed in 11.

Here’s the full video:

I was eliminated by a mythic goldfish! I thought it wasn’t in the game yet! from r/FortNiteBR

How does someone use the golden fish? To use the Mythic Fish, it’s a throwable item. You’re likely going to treat it like you would a grenade, so you’re going to need to work on your aim perception and make sure you hit the target. If you miss, you might be out a weapon, and it could only have a one-time use, or you need to pick it up after you throw it and take someone out. If you check out the video above, you can see BlakeBenbow went down immediately after getting hit.

How are you going to go about getting this fish? Unfortunately, it’s going to be a grind and plenty of randomness on your side. You’re going to need to fish for it like you would any other fish or weapon in the streams. Because it’s such a powerful weapon and it’s a rare drop, you’re going to go spend a lot of time fishing in the game looking for it, and you may take a great deal of time to catch one.

For those who are willing to bite their tongue and concentrate extremely hard on fishing in the game, you’ll get the most chances to see it for yourself. Keep fishing for as much time as you can during your games, and you may come face to face with the mythical item in the future. You get an achievement for getting killed by it, so you may want to hope your enemies have better luck than you do.

Good luck attempting to find it, Fortnite players. There’s a lot of random chance tied to this item, so keep trying to fish and spend time reeling in all the catches you can hook on your line.