Fortnite: How to Search a Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnitemares

Fortnitemares has players doing all sorts of crazy things in Fortnite, and searching a Ghost Buried Chest is one of the most insane.

finding ghost chests in fortnite for fortnitemares 2023

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Fortnitemares is an event in Fortnite that takes over portions of the map for a few weeks and gives players some new areas to explore. Of course, these are Halloween-themed, and there are even some spooky challenges to go along with it.

However, these challenges are a mixed bag of a few easy ones and then some that sound quite difficult to complete. One of the strangest tasks players with searching for a Ghost Buried Chest and opening it somewhere on the map, and it took us a long while to figure out how to complete it.

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How to Search a Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnite for Fortnitemares

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To search a Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnite, players need to find a Ghost somewhere on the map. The image above shows what they look like. Dark figures that have only slightly made it into the physical realm.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Ghost will be pointing toward a mound in the sand or ground. Players need to use their Pickaxe to dig where that mound appears so they can dig up the Ghost Buried Chest beneath. Then, they just need to open it to complete the Fortnitemares challenge.

Where to Find Ghost Buried Chests in Fortnite for Fortnitemares

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Ghost Buried Chests appear all over the map in Fortnite. However, if players want a guaranteed spot for where to find one, we recommend visiting Relentless Retreat. There’s a Ghost on the beach who is pointing to a nearby mound, making it incredibly easy to complete the Fortnitemares challenge and move onto something else.

This is one of the new locations added to the map with the event, and it won’t be around forever. When players check out the challenge in the Quest Menu, they should see them highlighted on the map to make it even more obvious where they are.

Why Should You Search for Ghost Buried Chests in Fortnite

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The main reason players will want to search Ghost Buried Chests in Fortnite is for loot. Every time we’ve opened one, it’s had slightly better loot than the Chests players find scattered across the map. Of course, if players loot it and go on to complete more Fortnitemares quests, they’ll earn some free spooky cosmetic items for all of their characters to equip.