Will There Be A Juice WRLD Concert In Fortnite OG Season?

A fraudulent Fortnite DMCA claim sent the community into a spiral as it claimed to reveal an upcoming Juice WRLD concert.

Juice WRLD Fortnite 1

Image via Grade A Productions

A series of fraudulent DMCA claims on a recent Fortnite OG promo video sent fans into a frenzy as claims circulated that Juice WRLD would be the next musical artist in line to be featured in a Fortnite concert.

In-game concerts have been one of Fortnite’s biggest innovations in the gaming space. Epic Games has leveraged the game’s certified pop culture connections into something totally special, transforming their Battle Royale into a complete virtual concert experience for major artists and their fans.

While there hasn’t been a concert in Fortnite matching the scale of Travis Scott and Ariana Grande in some time, Fortnite fans were hopeful as it seemed Juice WRLD would headline his own virtual experience post-mortem. Sadly, those hopes were dashed.

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Juice WRLD Fortnite Concert Rumors Explained

The rumored concert surfaced thanks to known Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, who noted that in the claim against FN’s new “Return to Titled Towers” promo video, Lucid Dreams is designated as part of an upcoming show.

This takedown notice claimed to be registered to Grade A Productions, the record label responsible for Juice WRLD’s music.


Some other links have also been claimed, including iFireMonkey’s reupload of the same Tilted Towers video. If this were to happen, Juice’s event would join Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour, Travis Scott’s Astronomical, and Marshmello’s Showtime as the only individual artists with shows in-game.

Will There Actually Be A Juice WRLD Concert In Fortnite?

No, there will not be a Juice WRLD concert in the Fortnite OG season. Notable Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR disclosed that an Epic Games employee reached out, stating there were currently no plans for an in-game Juice WRLD concert.

Shiina also stated that the DMCA strike that several leakers received was from an unrelated 3rd-party impersonating Juice WRLD’s label.